I was bullied as a child

I was picked on a lot as a kid and teen. I was short, wore glasses and moved around a lot so often I was the new kid. I had a slight speech impediment. I had a target painted on my back. I never stood up for myslf. I hid the fact that people picked on me, called me names, pushed me around. I was never beat up but I kind of wish I was. Maybe it would have made me grow a backbone and stand up for myself. One time I ran from a bully and my mother screamed at me for being such a coward which I know I deserved. She was ashamed of me but not as ashamed of myself as I was. I deserved everything that happenned to me because I was such a wimp.

Apr 14, 2013

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  • It should be called "I was bullied as a child and a adolescent" Just trying to correct you.

  • You've done nothing wrong, You shouldn't feel ashamed, actually the ones who should are the bullies and your mom: who is the coward of history, the mom that not protect her child or the child that runs from a bully because he don't want fight? You are best than them, thats why you never had done something stupid like them, most of these child will grow into dumb adults, the ones that thinks that being a **, or violent or intolerant, will resolve their problems. If will make you feel better: I was beaten a lot in my childhood, not only by child but for my dad too, never had someone to protect me, never fought back and always tried to argument instead. It was a hard childhood. But it happened and I can't do anything about it, the only thing that I can do is try to learn and let go, what I learned? Respect, I am a great person: smart, cool, good friend, good boyfriend. Today I see my old schoolmates falling in stupid traps of life, most of them even fall several times in the same... I try warn them, like a good friend(today, these bastards likes me for be a trusty person), but they are too dumb to hear me.

    The fact is: don't suffer for a past where you've done nothing wrong, and don't hate, hate just turn your life miserable like a snowball: the more you hate the worst it is, just remember someone that hate a lot and see how his life turns only into hating stuff.

  • Thank you. What you said really makes sense. I'm sorry to hear the things you went thru in childhood but I can see it made you a strong person. You should be proud of yourself. I wish I could feel that way. I just can't get passed the shame of not having stood up for myself, even though it was the bullies who did it to me.

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