I hate my stepfather

I hate my stepfather. He's always doing something stupid and mean like torturing our cat, Michael. My mom and sister tells him to stop, and he just laughs and says he was just playing. But, when I tell the freak to stop, he always yells at me and calls me out of my name like I'm nothing. I haven't done anything wrong. Recently, the b****** threatened to kill me! I'm dead serious. My mom was sitting right there and didn't even say anything. She just told me to go to my room. It's nice to know I have her support. (Not.) I went in my room and packed my bags and games, and I want to leave, but I don't have any family around here, and I don't have money to move. I'm only 17, so I have one more year until I'm free, but I feel like my life is in danger because of my stepfather, and because I live in a really bad neighborhood in Chicago. What should I do? -4/18/13 By M.P.

Apr 18, 2013

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  • I have the same freakin problem. I don't know if I should just bail or stick it out. My mother refuses leave him.... It sucks. I have 2 more years though....

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