I Hate You

Dear Anxiety,

You have came into my life ever since I was a child. You came after an incident I met. Ever since, you have plagued my life. You are like my dark secret that haunt me every now and then. Never ever dare to tell others your presence as I know they will never like you. (either do I) I thought I could get rid of you but no you never leave. You introduce me to your friends as well. And seriously, I do not get along with them.

And over the years, you gradually disappear. But when I thought so, I realized you are still there, just that you have changed. Changed into someone more terrifying, bringing more friends with you along. I hate it and hate how you have been haunting my life. Worse of all, you challenged me by appearing in public. I felt I no longer can keep you in wrap. But I know letting you out in public would meant that others will view me differently. I do not want that to happen. After getting some help from my own friend, I get rid of you for a moment.

Then, life start to get a little different and you decided to pay me a visit back. And now, I no longer have my friend's help. You took advantage of the situation and push me to the corner and making me to do what you want. Making a whole of misery in my life. I breakdown and decided to get some professional help to get rid of you.

With the help, I manage to scare you. But it was all temporary. You are back haunting me again every now and then. Now, I fear that you will haunt me forever, affecting my work, studies and my entire life.

Yours Sincerely,

Worried Child

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  • Dear Worried Child,

    Oh I -will- haunt you forever, believe it. I will haunt you long after you're forced to finally stop using the term "child" to describe yourself and others stop giving a s*** about your mental health because of that.

    You'll just sit there getting older and older, but I'll be just as fresh and fierce as the day we met. I'll still have all my resources; what will YOU bring to the table? If all you can do is cry and whine to others to "save" you, that's going to become even more repellent than it is now.

    So either buckle up and become a BAMF or step in front of a bus now, because I will never let up. Living with me will keep being a rough ride long after your little IG "friends" have moved on.

    Enjoy. I'll be waiting.

    Bye for now,

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