Almost kissed

Ok,so only one person knows this well I guess a ton of people are gonna know now.So theres this guy named Colton and I liked him at that time but, we were talking then argueing then we got in each others faces. I was really mad but, I can't remember what is was about all I remember is I was about to rip his you-know-whats off. Then we just stop and stared we both smiled. I leaned in a little then he did. But we herd someone coming so we stoped. I think we both figured it was my mom coming back from her pick up duty. (Also she tutored him in reading) but, weirdly it was his ex girlfriend S (thats all Im saying cuz' I dont want people to know who I am) we were like "Hey S..." all akward like. (excuse my bad grammer Im from the southside of somewhere in Missouri.)Shes like "Did I miss something?"I laughed and went umm-uhh.Colton just stood there red faced.Then S gave me my soda that I asked her to get.We started talkin' and Colton got in an arguement with her turned around hugged me and left I stood there stood there shocked.I found out yesterday (Oh Fyi that event happened 2 years ago this next thing happened like yesterday like present time)from his little sister that he likes me and weirdly I like him again.(After that almost kiss I stopped liking him I once again I like him my BFFs think Im crazy.)(FYI she thinks hes ugly but hes really really hot to me.)So Im freakin school starts in August so I can't wait to see him!!!!! XD Oh this next little emotion face is what my BFFs say I look like when I talk about him. =~*

Jun 28, 2013

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  • Ah, middle school. I have never experienced that yelling in someone's face and then mysteriously getting romantic/sexual with them, though. I thought Hollywood made that up.

  • Hollywood's got nothing on teenagers when it comes to empty, loud, dramatic moments. I think your memories of middle school are foggier than you think!

  • You totally need to get on him. And that needs to start happening BEFORE school starts again.

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