Full of Disgust

I got re-married to this wonderful guy who has 2 kids, step daughter is almost 21, step son is almost 18..In the 3 years I have tried to get to know them really well, meaning initiated conversation, meet for lunch, get to know them well to buy them birthday and christmas presents, text them frequently, email them like if i was doing their resumes's for them, give them good advice when they seemed they needed it. I am not trying to toot my own horn but I am genuinely a nice person. I have opened my heart the moment I met them, loved them unconditionally no matter what, until I confess.... this past weekend a trip to albany, ny visiting my inlaws and my husbands sisters, the kids were... well i don't even have a word for it yet...I was disgusted the way they acted towards me, very rude. I didn't even do anything wrong, I am always considerate and nice..I certainly didn't go out of my way to talk with them because previous week my step daugther while her aunt was in town pretended like I didn't exist and I am after 3 years tired of being treated like a piece of s***. She does treat her grandpa, grandma and dad like a piece of s*** as well, but I am not like them and I can't just let everything roll of me, I have a strong heart and I did want a good relationship with her; she is very insecure about herslf, she has no heart what so ever, only to 2 people in the family and these 2 people have money and go on trips to different countries. She is very immature for her age, and she only talks to me when she wants something. She doesn't ever text me to say hi, i do all the initiative conversations on text which from yesterday, I am done. I told my husband I love him so much and I need to concentrate on my happiness with him; his kids are adults now, at least thats how they want to be treated well i wouldn't ever be friends with someone who was this rude esp knowing i am a great person to get to know and the last thing on earth they should ever do is let me go because now I will not tolerate any of their rudeness anymore.

There is alot more to vent about but is it really matter what level of rudeness these kids are on? It matters to me that they will never step a foot again in my apartment with their dad unless I am no where near because I certainly cannot hold my tongue the way I have been for 3 years. They are very spoiled and they even know and say " i want what i want and I will get what i want". They are evil. My husband is wonderful though...I am too the point where I have never said i wanted to move far away ever because i like it where i am but i want to move to a continent that is how far away but i know i know its all good where i make it good.


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  • I hear ya, I've been having to block it out for weeks bc it makes me so depressed and sad that this is what it has come to. I would in a minute move if I didn't have family here (my side)

    she has not spoken to me in a month since I told her my feelings and she has invited her dad over to eat without me

    Kinda insulting but yet funny ... He won't go bc he feels its a trap and I think it's a mind game. This is something I would have thought would have happened 3 years ago before we got married, but now she knows me and knows I'm a good person and is treating me like I don't belong ...

    It's her loss. I won't forgive her because it hurts too much

  • Oh so you are that person on the other side of the boat!! Hello....We are on the other side of this boat. We have two daughters that are totally f***** up, narrow minded and self centered. we get to see them when they possibly feel like they need to toss us a bone and grace us with their presence. I would like to sell everything we have and move the f*** away as far away as possible.

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