My weird fetish

I'm a guy in college and since about the seventh grade i have had a fetish for girls who enjoy bloating, stuffing, and inflating their bellies to make them stick out or look slightly pregnant. i never have understood why but i have always loved girls with a bit of a gut. I wanted to know why they liked it so much so i tried it myself and it felt great all the pressure building up inside you, that sudden feeling that your going to pop if you don't stop, it's a rush in it's self. i have never told anyone about my fetish and i really hope to some day find a girl who shares the same liking for it as me.
but the reason it is strange to me is because i don't know why i get aroused by it, when i see guys going all groggy over some girl with a flat stomach and no really signs of being chubby, i just don't really feel anything, but when i see a girl with a food baby or a bloated girl at the beach i get aroused quickly and feel embarrassed about it.
i don't know what to really make of it, i haven't told one of my best friends who is weird enough to think of this as an average day thing, and i'm just concerned about if this is healthy to be thinking this way.

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  • Hey we can't help what turns us on. It's not actually that uncommon. Just google feeding fetish. I'm sure there are plenty of women out there that would love to have someone like you. Look around online. If others think its weird well who cares. There could be several reasons that you are turned on by it that you aren't aware of. Does it really mater what caused it anyway? Whatever floats your boat.

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