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Isn't it awesome when work require you to go above and beyond and expect you or have no life? Yet they won't pay or reward you for your efforts? I laughed a few days ago when a guy I worked with who I didn't like worked his a*** off for his boss had very little sleep so much overtime and received nothing in return. I told him it would happen but he didn't believe me.

I knew very quickly how the world of employment worked, unless you were in the "it" crowd you didn't have a chance oh and putting in more than you should and sacrificing your personal life to accommodate them making money.

Currently I'm looking for part time work so I can finish Uni and all I was able to find before this was casual work. It was funny when I spoke to them that they want you available 24/7 for about 10-15 hours a week, Seriously????? You expect me to sit by the phone waiting for a call because if we don't answer they will not give you as much shifts next time. What if I have something on? I'm not waiting for a phone call which might happen once a fortnight! I have a life!

Lastly the bosses have no idea how it all works! And it's a shame to as some you have worked with previously and know what goes on yet when they are in charge they expect the impossible. It's the one thing that annoys me about people, once some get power it goes to their head and everyone starts hating their job. I don't think people need to be arseholes and as employees we have a responsibility to work hard and do the right thing but make it worth our while help us enjoy it, motivate us, lead by example. Don't just dump things on us go for a 2 hour lunch come back and tell us we are behind and not working hard enough!

I call the seagull managers, they s*** everywhere and leave!

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  • How cool is this game ??? ... and have such a greate song right ?

  • Not sure if it's solely about power, or just the way things are. It's called work. And if you don't want the position, there are 150+ others that will take that position out of sheer desperation because they need the work. Even it pays squat and they are overqualified. You'll learn when you graduate and have to find FT work in your field of study (if you can..), it's not always fair. There will definitely be days that you put in many more hours than what you are paid and get little or nothing in return. Hopefully, you have a manager that at least acknowledges your efforts. Many companies don't offer raises or bonuses anymore. Just the way it is. It is also very true, there are a lot of people who are not qualified who are in upper management making decisions and have no hand-on experience with how the work gets done. The worse is when someone leaves or gets laid off and they don't replace that person so their work is absorbed by everyone else in that department. These issues are universal. It would be nice if we can all stop one day, look at the situations and make suggestions to rework what's wrong. But no one has time for that. It's quantity over quality. And the only time people will stop to make changes is when money is lost. Until then, it's business as normal. And when you're just starting out in the work force, you have to do things you don't like or think they're beneath you to pay your dues. Not come off as a know-it-all but offer solutions to problems with out stepping on toes. Hopefully, you'll find that dream job. I know what I wrote sounds really dismal. But it's not always so bad. There's always pros and cons. Just hope you enjoy what you do and the people you work with. It's really about striking a balance between your personal life from your professional life.

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