Confessions, in a nut shell.

I love to m*********.
I do so every week.
I love p***.
I love anime.
I love spanking.
I hate dogs barking, and want to strangle or beat them.
I want to believe in god.
I don't think I do.
I avoid church.
I am fat and do nothing about it.
I think I might be a lesbian.
I am defintaly bi.
I sucked a guys c*** to make myself feel better.
I sucked, and he wouldn't let me finish.
I miss my best friend.
I don't even try in school.
I purposfully miss one or two days every week.
I am a brillant actor.
I love to lie, sometimes I get confused with reality.
I want to f*** my cousin.
I want to play with my friends b**** and make out with them.
I always picture people taking s****.
I picture my teachers having s**, sometimes with me.
I hate big nipples, I think there disgusting.
I love cats, and birds.
I feel angered when my mother walks in a room.
I hate anyone but me in my room.
I hate when people stare at me.
I hate when my dad tries to talk to me, it's always ackward.
I hear voices sometimes.
I lose my mind often.
I think I'm skizo.
I think everyone has mental issues
I belive in conspiracies.
I believe in alians, and I belive they have been here.
I look and seem completly normal.
I have never told anyone any of these things.
I am a virgin.
I am 18.
I wish I had super powers or could live forever.
I manipulate my friends and family on purpose.
I want a boyfriend so we can f*** and I can sell myself.
I want to make easy money and be a h*****.
I love getting drunk, I love drinks, and being stupied.
I won't do drugs, because I'm a p**** and scared.
I want to get into a car and drive, and never come back.
I want to travel the whole f****** world.
I want to hurt somebody who is bad, maybe even kill them.
I sometimes wish a nuke would go off and kill people because were so populated.
I wish o was a bird or a fish.
I wish mermaids, wizards, mythical creatures were real.
I'm deathly afraid of space.
I love power and want a gun and to hold authority
I want to be known nation wide.
This won't be the last time you hear from me.

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