I gave my wife drugs so I could watch her have s**

Several times my wife and I had arguments and it always ended in us sleeping separately , she is a chronic spender out of boredom , goes will with credit cards and it takes me a long time to dig my way out by working extra days or hours .
She refuse and had a phobia about spending . So One of my close friends she really like a lot. I mean really liked to the point of flirting all the time even when his wife and I were there . I asked her did she want to try swinging and she said no that it was simply not right . Then why did not quit flirting / I knew both he and I had surgeries to not get a girl pregnant after our children were born . So I planed to drug my wife and take pics of her s******* my friend .
It took a while and then we met at my home about a month ago , my mom had my children and his mother had his children . He and I had planned this for a 6 months . I paid a trashy drug dealer to get several drugs to experiment not much just enough to give our wives .
Then we got them drunk and slipped the drugs to them , both were high and had no problems s******* their brains out . My wife screwed like it was here last breath and loved it . And I took a bunch of videos , those now are my evidence to make her stop wasting my money . I made copies and hid them . She screwed her brains out for hours loving my close friend . I did the same thing to his wife , the two women loved it .

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  • Would have loved to have had s** with her thing is would love to do same to my wife live in London UK brianj.jenkins@yahoo.co.uk

  • I love to f*** her when she drugged out

  • Post the video

  • You realize that Master Plan may backfire on you!

  • Give me a crack

  • What does say about that night now? Has she changed her mind about swinging? I bet if you asked her, she would be willing to do it again, and not even have to be high. I think that most women, once they get past their inhibitions about it and experience it, as long as they are supported by their husbands, will be very slutty. You just need to talk about it and agree that neither of you do it without the other present, or she will be off s******* every Tom, D*** and Harry in town (since men are willing to f*** just about any willing s***).

  • Lets see the vids...

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