I'm so tired of slutty women claiming they're "independent", no you're just a s***. Too many girls have daddy issues and f*** any guy to give them attention, oh well, keep it up with the "i do what i want" attitude .... you'll eventually be fat and alone, because you thought you scum, acted like scum and eventually you're scum, alone

Jan 28, 2014

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  • Women are luckier than men. It's far easier for them to get a man than it is for a man to get a woman.

  • Not really. That's just what you incels tell yourselves when Victoria's Secret models invariably fail to fall for your personal aura of stale Doritos/flop sweat/Mommy's perfume.

  • These are the same hoebags who wear the huge crosses and play the "I love Jesus" card, while they're taking in very random d*** who'll have them. Always want to tell them..No, you don't love Jesus and aren't religious; You're just a w**** who thinks wearing a cross makes you somewhat less of a ho.

  • Nothing wrong with enjoying s**. I'm far more concerned with whether people actually use their brains when they do the do. If they have shitloads of unsafe s** and then get pregnant and decide to go ahead and have the baby when they have no means of caring for the poor thing, who never asked for this... that's when the judgment begins. If she just likes to f***, hey, man. I can't blame her.

  • Damn straight.......the b****** always try to make themselves sound better than everybody else when they are actually so much worse. They are all just whores. Nothing better.

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