Work confession...

I HATE EVERYONE! I am sorry and God forgive me but I am starting to hate everyone at my workplace. I love my work but I really hate people there. Where do I even start. I am sorry but I have to tell something about my ridiculous colleague. Here are the list of people I want to talk about:
#Deewas: This j*** is one of the most annoying and attention seeking m"@*&rf$cker ever that anyone will ever meet.He talks garbage. I have confronted him twice and so have other staffs. I don't understand how is he even holding to work there. He touches back of women and he's an absolute pervert and he has so nasty fantasies about other women. He misinterprets information on purpose. Example: If i say i like pepsi he done telling everyone that I love 7up. Absolute b******.Like a b****.

# Merina: This wretched lady sure is annoying. Thinks herself as a queen of the workplace. Those who does things she desire are the most hard working people for her and those who refuse are lazy bones. She doesn't even clear her own bin. The most annoying laugh in the world. The queen of being a snitch.

#Aron: S** carving A-hole. Womanizer. Filthy j***. Has very stinky feet (trust me). Frequently swears unnecessarily. Lazy ass.

#Parryl: English wannabe fail.Not so much respect for seniors and women.Womanizer.

#Tammy: Arrogant b****. Makes fun of others but cannot take single friendly insult. Boast to be alright right whe completely wrong.
#Lex: I am not against gay people but honey stop acting like a b**** ok?

So here are the people whom I respected a lot but my respect crumbled since I came to know true personalities.

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  • Trip on something and get worker comp I did that I hated my job so I got the last word ...

  • Time for the faggots c*** to go up the straight guys ass hole for afew extra bucks.

  • Thats not a job thats meows hobby.

  • And his obsession. He always was a bit a***.

  • You are crazy man with small p****. Hugs and kisses, Susan

  • Thank you for your kind words, Susan. P.S. I love what you've done with your hair. How do you get it to come out of the nostrils like that?

  • Find a new job.

  • I just have two words for you: "GO POSTAL!!"

  • I have two words for you. "Kiss my butt."

  • That's 3 words.

  • I know. I suck at math.

  • And grammar by the looks of it.

  • Leave my grandma out of this. But, since you went there, your grandmother is so fat she was playing hopscotch and made potholes in the rode.

  • Never heard of that one must remember that

  • Ooooooooooooooooooohhhh right up there with danger meow.

  • ????-??—

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