My wife has no idea that I've been cheating on her with someone from her work. He's a gay man and I'm falling hard for him.

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  • Ur f****** sick if u sleep with her u could give her a disease a******

  • You must have had feelings for a man before, or some attraction. This couldn't have just come out of the blue.

  • F***** hat handler

  • You might like Miley Cyrus. Why? Because . . . that's a man, baby!

  • does she have any idea that you swing both ways?

  • No, she doesn't, because I never have before; this is the first time I've ever been with a man. And to be perfectly honest about it, I don't know that I'm swinging both ways now........ever since I started seeing Joey, I haven't had s** with my wife or anybody else. I think it's possible that from now on, I'll only have s** with men. But the even greater likelihood is that from now on, I'll only have s** with Joey. God, he is so f****** good, and I only want him......nobody else. The way he does me is so good.

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