A boy love me,but i just regard him as a day i had to catch the train at midnight,and didnt had any option so i went to his apartment aftr his invitation and spent 1 night there,althght nthng wrong happn,we chat whole night,drunk coffee and then he drop me to station,but his roommate title me as"miss use",there told him that i just used him and played with his feeling,
to be honest i didnt had that intension,
but i feel guilty for palyng with someone feeling.
I MYSELF is dump by some guy so i do understand the pain,and that is the reason i cant accept him or feel for him.

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  • Don't let the roommate's comments convince you that he's right: those are just his perceptions and perspectives. You did nothing wrong, and if the guy you were there with can't handle a regular interaction and conversation (over coffee) with a female, then I would say that's his problem, not yours. Don't waste any worry over this situation.

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