Parenthood: NOPE

I dread to become a mom one day. I will try, in my full force (with the help of condoms and any other contraception methods of course) to not be pregnant. Not that I hate kids, I actually adore them, well, OTHER's kids. I mean, isn't it scary as h*** that you'll have a human being depending on you? I'm already afraid of serious relationships, what more having my own duplicate. Just sayin. I sill have this small voice in my head I'll soon realize motherhood would be the best thing yet to happen to me, or someone would come along to change my current perspective, but until then, No-uh. No babies, none for me.

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  • Don't be afraid to do what's best for you. Whatever happens, DO NOT bring a person into this world that you don't want to spend the rest of your life taking care of. Because it will be the rest of your life. Don't let anyone bully or guilt you out of an abortion if you decide it's what you need. Okay? Be safe, always use protection and do not have s** with anyone who sounds like they might try to goad you into unsafe s**. Also, beware of marrying anyone who wants kids if you do not. Those relationships almost never work out.

  • I feel the same way but only with getting pregnant. I will go out of my way for it not happen to me, just the thought of giving birth gives me the frights. I love kids, so I am going to adopt instead of having to deal with that pain. I think that maybe you should adopt,too. That way you can decide on what age you want the child to be and you don't having to worry about caring for a baby, and you can also deal with that little voice in your head telling you being a parent is great.

  • Having kids is certainly not everyone's wish, and that's okay. And you said it best, maybe your perspective will change when you meet that one guy. Where you are in your life also has a lot to do with your priorities. And just as you said, until you're ready (if ever) protect yourself and be really honest with any guy you're with about what you want. Don't marry someone who wants kids, when you're unsure or don't. It's one of those points that you really can't compromise on.

  • Wonder why your mom never had the same mindset as you?

  • Wonder why you mom didn't feel the same?

  • I also love other peoples kids, you can give em back when they start acting up :)

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