Disappointment... Anger..

I was once a believer in god. for me all religions are same.. they teach us to be human and be the best person in all situations of our life.

I have done everything that my parents wanted, religiously. But for some reason.. I have always been disappointed by my life .. I have always been the person that would help people in need and even then when I need something to go right in my life..things just never fall in the right place at the right time.. I m told that god has something better but other than disappointment i have never got anything else.

And when i tell this to anyone they want me to go back to believing in God.. How can I .. When I believed and things never went the way they should have or neither got better...

I M angry because my parents are getting old and hate seeing them working hard to help support me.. when it should be the other way round... I m certain that I m very close to losing my faith and respect for god.. But I dont want that to happen.. I just want things to be right... they way I want.. and my dreams are not big.. they are practical ..one job..that would pay well to my exp... its not like asking for a million dollar lottery! I have worked hard.. I m working hard... I m to a point where i m getting exhausted.

May 21, 2014

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  • I don't understand your post ?
    Your mad at God because what ??

    If u want to help your parents out then get a job any job are you bing to picky ?
    When you help someone out your not doing it to get a return from them hello did u not read the bible ?
    When u help others it's because you have Gods love inside you .

    Read the bible your not rolling what God clearly says about faith , trust , walk in the spirit not the flesh and so on ...

  • Are you really angry with god for things that you can't do? That you don't have? Are you disappointed because you are not able to get enough hands on man made money. Did you ever try leaving the man made paradise of material fantasy, to the real thrilling world of gods making? By the pain that you are suffering you should be making your complaints at the social security or to some senator of financial position. This has nothing of gods doing in it.

  • I understand your frustration and your anger, but I hope it doesn't destroy your faith because it is faith that we need to get through precisely the circumstances you're in right now. We don't need faith when things are going well, when we're getting the things we want (small or large), or when we encounter few obstacles. God promises that he will never leave us. That doesn't mean he will always give us what we want, but simply that he is present, and that he can be leaned on. I obviously have no way of knowing what lies ahead for you, or where God will lead you, or what you can accomplish in a vigorous job search with God at your side. All I can tell you is that abandoning your faith is not going to make things better for you or achieve your goals. We all need God, and I hope you'll keep him in your life.

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