God has abandoned me, all I have left are memories.

I want to believe that everything happens for a reason. But after today, the idea that God has abandoned me is starting to come truer then ever. I'm tired of seeing beautiful things out of my reach. I'm going to try to starve myself to death because I've been sad and lost for as long as I could remember. The only thing that has been keeping me going is the memories of my friends, families and people I had met. Now today in my point of view. They all changed for the worse and abandoned me. The only ones are still the same is my grandparents, and my niece and nephew. Everyone else including my mother and father are just... different. I don't want to live anymore. I just want to be in a better place. I'm not asking for fame, or the dirty crap that goes on today like drugs or a ton of women. Heck, I could care less about money. All I want is happiness and wonderful memories with everyone. I believe that goodbyes doesn't have to be one sided and that there will be better times ahead...I have yet to see that happen....almost everyone I once knew are dead to me. Inside my memories. I don't want to live to see losing myself. Please pray for me if prayers still mean anything for me anymore.

Jun 12, 2014

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  • I know what it feels like to be lost and abandoned. I feel a sense of hopelessness upon me. But, God always has a plan. I think you should take a lot of walks to help clear your mind. Also, it's OK to cry a night. I do that a lot to. But remember, smiling brings more smiles back at you, just like negativity brings more negativity to you.
    Believe. In all that can be. A miracle starts, whenever you dream.

  • God will never abandon you. Never stop praying. Another thing you might try - find someone who needs help or is in need in some way and try to serve them. Serving someone in need will help you feel better and you might come away from the experience with a new friend.

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