What nobody knows

I'm 22, and my husband is 47. He used to be a friend of my parents, and was a groomsman in their wedding. But my parents ended the friendship two years ago when we got married, partly because he divorced my mom's best friend to marry me, partly because I was already pregnant with his child when he divorced her and when we got married, but mostly because they thought he was taking advantage of me. We had started making love to each other in deep secret when I turned 17 and was legal, but he admits that he fell in love with me when I was 13. We started kissing and playing make-out when I was 14, which also nobody ever knew, but we didn't do anything actually sexual until I became legal. He has only told me about loving me when I was 13 and wanting to do me SO HARD the whole time, my parents don't know that. But what nobody knows, including my husband, is that I made him fall in love with me. I flirted with him and teased him, and I dryhumped him when we used to play make-out, and I even gave him handjobs through his pants until he blew his loads, all to make him crazy to get in between my legs because I wanted to blow up his marriage and his family. I had to wait a little longer than I wanted to while his kids got old enough, but now he is in love, and he loves our child more than the ones he had with Allana, and I don't care if my parents hate us both, because I got what I wanted and I used what I have to get it.


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  • You're a w****. Stop trying to make yourself sound like a winner.

  • Okay. Look at it this way. You're 10 years into the future, you guys are still together, you're happy, your kid is older, everything seems to be going well. Then suddenly, your 57 year old husband leaves you for an 18 year old. This is all after you find out he's actually been cheating on you - he's been in a relationship- with this girl since she was 14. Behind your back, he's been illegally kissing, foreplaying, whatever, with this young girl. Then he just drops everything and leaves you, and your child after 10 years of marriage. How would that feel?

  • That is so totally not going to happen. He's getting what he needs from me and he's not looking around at all. If he did want something younger he would hook up with Marlena who is my friend but 2 years younger and I know she's in love with him already and he knows it, too. But he hasn't done her yet, as far as I know, and I don't think he will. In 10 years if what you said actually happened, it would break my heart. It would destroy me, because then I would be in the same shape as Allana, his first wife who he left to be with me. I don't even want to think of it........

  • He's probably f****** his ex wife and if he's not he's probably f****** Marlena hoe. Your parents hate you and don't forget it.

  • dirty dirty dirty b****

  • Calling me names doesn't change the fact of what I accomplished. I accomplished my goal.

  • I think your trashy. But oh my dear sweet mother of Christ, I love you. I think your wonderful. And I wish you were MY wife instead of his. Good luck to you in all you do.

  • Thank you SO much for being SO nice when everybody else was SO not. :)

  • everything about what you did is wrong. everything. f****** everything.

  • If, by "wrong", you mean that I won and his first wife lost, then yes. I was totally "wrong". :)

  • You are totally delusional. Commenting on everyone's comments. Trying to justify your actions that they're "okay". You are going to be "old" in about 3 years and you want to know how to get a DL boyfriend. Classy. Because that's obviously the next step. Your husband is probably out cruising the middle schools right now, looking for his next child bride that he can groom. Or maybe he's f****** your friends, if you have any friends. You sound like a total selfish b****, so maybe your husband is the only one who would tolerate you for any period of time. You no longer speak to your parents, so all you have his him and your child. It's probably a blessing, they are probably disgusted as to how you turned out. Here's the biggest thing.. is that when someone asks how you met your husband you have to lie and make it seem like some nice story. When really it should have aired on an episode of You Married a Predator. Congrats, you're officially pathetic..

  • I'm not trying to justify anything. I don't have to. I got what I went after and I did it just like I planned (except for having to wait a couple of times for other things to happen). And I'm sorry to inform you that I won't be old for a very long time and nothing like three years, that's a joke. My husband loves what he gets from me, and that's why he married me. I'm a much better f*** than his first wife, and he loves me much more, and I am at home when he gets there after work, unlike her who wanted everything her own way ALL THE TIME, because she was so selfish and greedy. I do have to admit that two things you said have some validity to them. Although I don't think that anything is happening right now, I know that my girlfriends love him in a real deep sense, and Marlena does s** things that I can't do or don't like, and she is so aggressive when she goes after a man that I could possibly see her making a move, but that's why I keep my eyes on her at all times, just to be sure she's not moving in on him or going behind my back. I love her to death but she scares me as to what she would be willing to do to get a man she wants, for whatever reason, and I know she wants mine. The second one is about lying about how we met: I never tell the truth when I'm asked, and neither does he. I feel awful about that, but I can't tell anyone what we were doing before I was 17, or that we had this long affair, or that I got knocked up on purpose (not by accident, like I told him). But the thing that makes me feel the most awful is not being able to talk to my parents and visit them. I love my husband more than them, but I wish I could still see them and have them see their grandchild. That really does break my heart, and it's the worst part of this.

  • The part that I think some of the commenters are up in arms over is how insensitive and hearltess you sound. Sure, this is an anonymous forum and this could be totally made up and why not be a super b****. You have nothing to lose. No one knows who you are. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to come to terms with your decisions and actions. The words you choose, how you live your life, how you solve your problems, etc.. all point to your level of integrity. There just seems to be a lot of lying going on. And maybe that's where you begin to work. I don't get why you are so mad or still competing with his ex wife and children. Maybe deep down you feel guilty, or maybe it's easier to be angry. Just sounds really immature and giant waste of time to expend on being so negative. His children were there long before you, they deserve to have a relationship with their father if they wish. And they have every right to be hurt and angry. What would have happened if your dad did the same thing to some other preteen? Can you even put yourself in the shoes of someone else? or what if your child turns 13 and manipulates an adult? Tricks him? What can you really say? History has a way of repeating itself. You can't go back in time. But you can begin to work on the person you want to be. This is no longer about winning something. Your parents are not going to be around forever. Maybe that's a relationship that you need to begin to repair.

  • You're right about my parents, and somehow you seem to get where I am with them. About two hours before I first wrote my original post, I'd had a screaming fight with my mother over the phone and she actually said "I hate you" to me, along with some other things about how embarrassed they are of me and my "f****** fake family", as she put it. It shocked me more than anything ever has, and it reminded me of when I used to yell that at her when I was a teenager and she was trying to discipline me. I didn't really mean it, I was only angry, and frustrated at not getting my way, but when she said it back to me I could feel it everywhere inside my body. Everywhere. I also realized that it doesn't matter whether you mean it or not, because the person who hears you say "I hate you" has no choice but to believe you mean it. I know from therapy that I tend to over-rationalize my behavior and the obsess about it, and I also know - if I'm being honest - that I lie more than I should, and almost all of my lying is about my relationship with my husband. His children (all older than me) hate my guts and they tell him to "dump her bony ass" and go home to Allana, who hasn't remarried and probably won't. I love him, and he loves me, and I know both of those things are true, but between my mother hating me and his kids hating me, it's my relationship with my husband that gives me the only solid ground I have, and the fact that I wanted him and got him makes me feel so amazing and so much of a winner in life. That makes no sense but I guess lots of things make no sense. But thanks for being kind.


  • ^ totally not ^

  • you are a disgusting tramp and your probably diseased too

  • Before we got married, we both got tested, as an act of honesty and openness and love. And we were both clean then. I haven't been with anybody else since that time. So . . . no disease. And also, not a tramp. :)

  • Hun . . . your naivete is sweet but it's dangerous. The fact that YOU haven't been with anybody else doesn't mean your HUSBAND hasn't. In fact, given the ethical and moral standards you've ascribed to him, it seems likely that he's been with LOTS of other females (of all ages) since you both got tested, and that you've been exposed to -- or maybe even contracted -- and STD or two. Or eight. He's probably still f****** his ex-wife (you said she hadn't remarried - caution: there's a reason for that) and he is ABSOLUTELY f****** your best friend, Marlena. It's so obvious that he's been doing her, for years, under your nose and behind your back, that I can't imagine how you could possibly deny it. He is SOOOOOOOOO f****** Marlena, and probably even more than he's f****** you. Marlena will take him from you, because she gives him the things you don't give him (sexually), and then Marlena will be the winner. Stop focusing so much on wins and losses and start focusing on living your life and being a better person than the one you've displayed here.

  • ^^ She ^^ is totally right. If you aren't giving him something that he knows he can get from Marlena, he's absolutely gonna go there and get it. H***, he's probably been gettin' it the whole time the two of you have known each other! Wake up and smell the t***......that's Marlena's t*** you been smelling on him. He's tappin' that ass...........and he's gonna KEEP tappin' it.

  • so true: two for the price of one. what man would ever turn that down?

  • Christ, you are so unbelievably selfish and so unbelievably nasty. You ruined a family! You wrecked a marriage! Don't you have any shame??????!??

  • I realize that you have no way of knowing this, and no reason to believe me, but that family was a f****** JOKE and that marriage NEEDED to get blown up: I did them a favor. Their kids were HORRIBLE (they still are, but they're at least grown up and gone now) and the wife was a frigid, fat and greedy b**** (she still is, but she's out of his life now). He was soooooooooo ready to be done with her and come to me and belong to me that you can't even imagine how bad he wanted me. He waited for years for me to be legal and then we became a couple, better than anytime he was with his first wife. And I do have to say that, yes, I actually am nasty, but I'm nasty in the good way, the way that all men want to get with, and I do mean ALL men, no matter what age. They all want to hit it and not ever stop. I'm not ashamed of anything I've done for him because we are supposed to be together, and I just made it happen.

  • Sorry to break this you but one day you'll wake up in the morning look at him and see a very old crumbly wrinkle man that looks like your grandfather and you'll regret it. I was in the same position only he was single when I met him.

  • I hope you don't mind me asking you, and you don't have to answer it, but I was wondering.....how long did you stay with him? I mean, I'm curious because it's obvious these things are going to happen, and I'd just like to know how long women stay, in those situations. I've talked to a couple of women about what they did and had online with a few more, so what do you think is the right amount of time? Or does it just depend on the circumstances? Did you ever have DL boyfriends while you were with him?

  • Young lady you should be very scared for your marriage,yourself and your baby.You did not trick this guy;he tricked you.He wanted a young one and you were it.Either you gonna get tired of watching his every move out of fear or he is simply going to get tired of you and move on to your friends ,other relatives or some other woman.He may even go back to his wife.I don't wish you anything bad,I am simply saying what goes around comes around,in time.I pray you get old with him.

  • I didn't trick him, but I did do everything I possibly could of in order to make him fall in love, and he fell in love. Love can never be a bad thing, and he loves loving me and we love each other so completely. He won't go to some other woman because he loves our making love and he can't get enough of the puss. And so I don't even have to worry about him looking around. If I am being honest, I have to admit that two of my best girlfriends are in love with him too, because he treats them so nice and doesn't ever talk down to them like lots of other older guys do, and they both prefer older guys like I do. So I could totally see one or both of them trying to get with him on the DL but I can't see him getting with them. I mean I guess if they both threw themselves at him at the same time he might have a hard time resisting it but only Marlena would have a chance of outfucking me to get to him because there are things she does that most girls don't but even then he wouldn't think of her as a good mother for more children like he thinks I am. He loves me, not her and not them together. Thanks for wishing me such good luck since you can see that nobody else here did that. :) THANKS!

  • i lost my husband to a young girl exactly like you in exactly the same way. she was a nanny for our 3 children and then stole my husband, and also stole our 2 youngest children by treating them like they were hers and making them call her 'mommy' for an entire f****** YEAR before she finally broke up my marriage and my family. my oldest child lives with me (a boy) but it scares me to death that the 2 girls will use that tramp as their role model and do things like she did. you should so totally NOT be proud of what you've done. you've totally destroyed a family and wrecked a marriage. that's horrible and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • I'm sorry that you lost your husband, but you didn't lose him the same way as what happened with my husband and me. You lost him because you weren't paying close enough attention. You said yourself that the nanny was setting this up at least "an entire f****** YEAR" before she blew things up, so if you saw that happening, you should of known that you were being squeezed out of the family picture, AND YOU DID NOTHING. I'm sorry that you lost your husband, but you can't blame the nanny, you can only blame yourself.

  • oh my god i cant believe how mean that is! like having my husband taken from me and having my family destroyed was my fault? how could you even think that much less say it? you are really a mean mean girl. just so you will know that young girl came to live with us and be our nanny (and get paid!!) because we were trying to be nice to her and keep her from having to deal with a disastrous family situation at home and she repays that by seducing my husband under my roof and frequently in my bed and laughing about it when she tells me that he belongs to her now and that she is taking the girls to be with them. she had so poisoned their minds that they actually said they loved her and wanted her to be their mommy! i know she is going to raise those precious girls to be the same kind of w**** she is. and the same kind of w**** YOU are. you are an awful person. shame!!! W****!!!!!

  • Where were you when all this seducing and brainwashing was going on under your roof?What did you do? You separated your kids or rather let some strange girl walk away with your daughters? Why do you want to sound so ignorant and helpless? What kind of mother or wife do you think you have been?Did you enable the nanny to f*** your husband and steal your kids along with him? Do you know how to call a lawyer or drive to a family courthouse?I feel you are not telling us the inside story. I am a guy who has been thru the wringer with two vicious women over kids.I have had two successful international custody cases within the last 24 years;there is no way on earth I am gonna allow the mother of our kids, or anybody else, to walk away with the kids like that.I am not a rich guy,I wanna share the kids but will not surrender them.In the process,I had sole custody of one set of kids and I have shared temporary custody of the other.It sounds to me that you have no legally arranged custody over your kids and I hope that is not true.I am not bragging, but if I can get that as a guy,I am sure as a woman you can get much more.I love my kids,love kids,work with kids and love it when two parents work together to make kids lives better.If one parents wants to be selfish,let the court create fairness.Please find a way to gather your kids and share them with their dad and best of luck.

  • jesus f****** christ!!! why are you jumping my s***??! i dont f****** get it. you think i didnt f****** fight? you think i didnt f****** care? you think i didnt f****** love them? that is so f****** crazy and so hurtful. i know it wont matter to you but i cried when i read your words. i still am crying. i lost my babies!! dont you get that? i expected the cheating girl W**** to say it was my f****** fault that my husband went to her and that my babies loved her more but i wouldnt expect it from a grown man who has lived in the world and who understands it like you do. a woman cant just lay back and let her babies get stripped from her and i didnt. how she took him and how she got the girls is too long of a story for here but you can be sure that i didnt just roll over and let that vicious b**** f*** me the way she f***** my husband.

  • Well am sorry I hurt your feelings n made u cry. My conclusios are partly from your post. I am in no way insensitive. Misfortunes happen. But am not so sure letting some woman walk away with two of your kids while u keep one is such a bright idea. You dont have to tell us but u have to be true to yourself n the kids. After reading your reply, I still feel that you either havent done enough or arent that committed to re-unuting your kids. You and your ex should know that separating siblings like that is not healthy. It may look and feel like am blaming and criticizing, but am tying to put some fire under your ass so that you can exert yourself more and fight for your kids. Am not saying take them away from their dad but increase face time between you and all the kids.Dont give up, hang in there.

  • I apologize. i exploded on you and i shouldnt have done that. its Arienne that's to blame for me losing my husband and my two daughters, not you, so i'm sorry. i am oversensitive to blame in general but really when it comes to this situation. although i didn't know what was going on or when (the "when" and the "when it started" are big BIG issues but are both very long stories) i do feel responsible to a degree because my husband knows some things about my past that I cannot allow to go on the record in a court proceeding. if had never done them i wouldnt have nothing to hide. he never said anything in court or in depositions, but he knew i knew so the threat was always there. the larger problem is that he told a part to Arienne and so she used it against me, in private, and she continues to use it against me. i think she may have even known before she moved in with us (part of the "when it started" issue) but there's more to it than that, not least the fact that Arienne succeeded in turning my daughters against me without even using that ammunition. if i weren't in the middle of this, i would have to admire her cunning and her guile and her planning skills (she worked this out over a very long period of time, and did it brilliantly). long story short, i'm sorry i yelled and i hope you can forgive my selfish and rude ranting. i should reserve that for that b**** Arienne who is living with my husband and raising my sweet daughters.

  • There's a word for girls like you: w****.

  • I'm not a w****. What we have is real love.

  • You can bet that when you get older, he'll tire of you and find someone younger. You weren't the first and you won't be the last he did this to. Hard to find sympathy here. Other than that he's a pervert and you're a naive, stupid girl. You seem to think you "tricked him" when really he just groomed you. You two losers belong together.

  • He is so totally not a pervert. He actually did fall into real total love with me and he loves me still and he always will. He tells me all the time how much more beautiful I am than his ex ever was, and how much better of a lover I am than she ever was (even when I was 17 and before when we were just playing make-out and I was humping, he could tell), and how much more he wanted me than her the whole time before he divorced her: he said he would m********* to me while he was still married rather than have real s** with her, that's how much he loved me and wanted me. We do belong together, but neither one of us is a loser. I won. So I'm a winner. His ex TOTALLY lost. She's the loser.

  • ^ totally true ^

  • No, sorry. That is totally false.

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