In love with one man while sleeping with another

I was raised by this man...hes not my father biologically but ive slept with him for 8 years.....the last 2 years ive fallen in love with a guy overseas but i cant get out of this relationship the way i want to. I dont want to lose my father figure since i have no one else and i have heart problems so i can't just go out on my own. he found out i was with this guy and now I'm not allowed to talk to him for 6 months.....what do i do?

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  • Your "father figure" is taking advantage of you, and of your medical or financial dependency on him. Without regard for the "other man" in your life, that is just wrong. You need to speak with a social worker and get some input on what government programs you might be eligible for, just for your own peace of mind, and whether or not you leave. You think of him as a father, and that's fine, but if he thinks of himself as your father, then the fact that he's using you for s** is both horrible and unforgivable. You need to start planning a way out. Now.

  • Agreed with the above. How old are you exactly? Because how can he tell you who you can or cannot be speaking to. He's not your husband, boyfriend or legal guardian.. Because if he really wants to play hardball, you may very well have the upper hand. This "father figure" relationship ends today. A father does not sleep with his daughter and does not control her every move. The guy you're with is definitely controlling you and it's not healthy or right. You can get your own health care now, look into it. You do not need to be dependent on him and you do not owe him anything. Speaking to a therapist may help because some very important boundary lines have been blurred and taken advantage of along the away.

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