My Mum hates me

My Mum has recently turned against me. I am 12 and I would like more than anything to make her happy. In the summer 'holidays' I am constantly fired jobs at. I spend my weekends either doing schoolwork or working around the house. Whenever I stop, she shouts at me and tells me off. I love her but I am never ever good enough. I am a reasonable student at school and am not naughty or stupid. I love my pony and she threatens to sell him when I am 'bad'. I have people who I feel I can speak to on an online game, and I feel I know them well enough, yet if I am ever caught on the computer I am told to get off and do something, that I am slacking and not pulling my weight. I have grown to avoid her, and it pains me as she is my Mum, yet I dislike being around her. Sometimes I wish I could run away, yet when I would be found, she would absolutely hate me, even more than she does now. I see pictures of her before I was born, and she seems to be so happy, yet now I can never please her. I have 2 sisters and we have been drawn close together than ever, my twin and I often share thoughts, with my older sister comforting us. I used to think she was my Mum's pet and that she was never shouted at in the same way as me, but I see now that we are all going through it together. Any help? I don't just want to sink into a hole of depression... I love life but every day is a box to tick before I can leave home. Well, that's how it feels.

I'd just like some help...

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  • You are a very strong girl to be able to go through this wow

  • That's a terrible feeling to think that every time you and your mom interact it's her yelling at you. Have you tried to talk to her about what you're feeling? Finding a moment when she seems approachable. Or asking her to go get ice cream or something..get her in a good mood where you can really tell her what you're feeling and how it makes you feel when she yells at you. Just because you're family doesn't mean you shouldn't still be considerate and respectful to one another. And who knows what's really going on with her. It's pretty challenging raising 3 children with both parents, one can only imagine if she's doing it on her own. She's just reacting to whatever and doesn't truly realize how her yelling is affecting you. Definitely talk about what you're feeling and don't bottle it in.

  • My heart breaks to see you and your sister have to go threw this . I'm sure your mom is not mad at you she is just putting her frustrations about life on you
    girls . Do you have a dad or aunt or uncle , granma anyone else in your family besides your mom you can talk to ?
    Stay strong and don't let anyone change who you are !

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