The story of my brother in law

Okay. I've been married to my husband for five years. We got married really young. We were 18. Anyway, he has a brother who is just three years older than I am. He and my husband are complete opposites. My husband isn't the most athletic but he's not fat either. He's in love with the flat screen and junk food. My brother in law on the other hand works out regularly and he plays basketball. He's really nicely built. I have to say that I'd been watching him for a while. I started fantasizing about us having s** and what not. Thats when I started comparing the two. They are really close so at first I made myself push the sexual desires away. The last thing I wanted to do was f*** up a family. Anyway a few months passed and I'd gotten over my feelings for him. It was pure l*** anyway. It was around Christmas and things were a little hectic around the house like they always are during that time. My husband and I were both stressed out due to all of the running around we had to do to prepare for the holidays. Well we got into an argument which was over the usual: money. He said a few hurtful things to me as did I and he got in his car and left. His brother ended up texting me and asked what's happened. (He was trying to get my POV because he'd already spoken to my husband about it) he asked if I wanted him to come over and I let him. All we did was talk for a few mins. I was cpletely comfortable with him and very vulnerable. Needless to say, we ended up f****** in the bathroom. Of course I came on to him first but he DEFINITELY didnt push me away. He f***** me so hard and passionately like he'd been wanting to do it all along. It felt so good but I couldn't help but cry as I was bent over the sink. I love my husband. He's my high school sweet heart and the fact that I betrayed him by banging his only brother has been eating away at me. We haven't told anyone of course nor have we spoken about it again. Its like it never happened but we both know it did. And that was the first and last time we ever did anything. My brother in law walks around like he didnt betray his brother. He still interacts with me the way he usually did before we banged and im grateful for that. Although I wanted to bang him anyway, I'll never do it again. It's not worth it. I feel so guilty. One funky argument led me to make the biggest mistake of my life.


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  • Ok Relax. It is all about what you need more. If you're peaceful with abstinence from your brother in law, try it. It's difficult though. If you happen to crave for him still, then you can choose the other way around. It's really about what you can handle and what you cannot.

  • Is an open forum and anyone can have an opinion on the original post. Who the F*** are you to call someone a fool, you outrageous ass?

  • You just said anyone can have an opinion, but apparently you mean as long as it doesn't concern you. You're a hypocrit, an idiot, a fool, and probably a pontificating b******.

    She should absolutely feel like a complete s*** and c*m dumpster for doing her husband's brother. Good god, those two will know each other their whole lives, and it will affect their relationship forever. A good s*** gets her nookie somewhere that won't ruin her husband's life, but a complete s*** doesn't care about anything but stuffing meat in her like a sausage casing.

  • Okay ignore the damn fool who replied here. It's great that you feel guilty, because obviously it means that you want things to work with your husband. As I've recently learned communication is absolutely vital, you have to make sure you're talking to each other about being unhappy etc. You have learned a valuable lesson about risky behaviour when you're upset, I hope you can use it to be happy with the rest of your life. :)

  • Wait and watch... you and your neither in law would soon cling together again and it will grow on both of you. It is most common in this relationship and it's a rather safe vent. At least you're not involved with someone who is not a best wisher of both of you. In fact this will help you keep a balance in your emotions with your husband. It doesn't work like this. ... you start when you want and you quit when you want??? I'd say do it carefully and give yourself the much needed pleasure every once a while

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