My dad doesn't love me as much as...

You would think it would be another sibling right? Or a girlfriend? Or h***, even his car. None of the above.

Nope my dad loves his stupid sheepdog. I'm not 100% sure, but 99.8%, that he would save the dog before me if there was a fire. That other .2%? I think he would save me and then insist we go save the dog.

It used to hurt. I used to try to change everything about me, or think horrible things when he would put me down. Now? I don't really love him anymore. I maybe the worst daughter in the world that way, but if it came between him and my coffee budget? I would pick Starbucks every time...

Nov 7, 2014

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  • Just remember....every dog has it's day! LOL

  • Your dad most likely does love you but just has a poor way of showing or expressing it to you. It is sad. I think a lot of men don't really know how to relate to their daughters, young and old. And maybe there's a degree that he feels that you don't need him. So it's up to you to ask for what you need from him. It's strange to think that, because he is an adult and the parent..but he doesn't know everything and definitely not a mind reader. The putting you down is totally unacceptable. And without really knowing your situation, whether he's just a total a****** or he doesn't finds it's easier to be mean then to be nice. I don't know. If you really want to have a relationship with your father, or for it to change you'll need to tell him how he makes you feel when he says those things and what you would eventually like to happen. One thing to keep in mind, this will be work and it may be you putting forth the effort for a bit. You know.. you may be surprised by the results. Curious..if you've spoken to your mom about him? She may have a good idea as to how he is. And also how he was raised..are his parents affectionate? It doesn't make it right, but you learn from your parents and if he wasn't given that as a child it may be hard to break the mold.

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