I didn't pay for things twice this weekend

The first time I just wanted a very small item and the line was all the way down the aisle. So I just put the items under my arm and walked out. The second time was just a short time ago. I held two items instead of one at the self checkout right in front of the attendant. No one noticed. It feels so good getting away with not paying for a few tiny items every now and then. Prices are so high and I'm pretty poor. It's not really hurting anyone. I'm just afraid what higher power there is will see fit to punish me somehow.

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  • I just don't think it's worth the risk.

  • I feel the EXACT same Way.. Always remember cctv cameras have ZOOM...THAT'S How I Got CAUGHT..GOOD LUCK...IM Now PAYING 552.00 for something that only cost 14.98..on top of court costs and the store is civilly Sueing on top of that as well As I've got to go do community service as well 50hrs,And that was my FIRST Time EVER GETTING CAUGHT.OH YEAH AND ALSO I HAVE TO ATTEND MANDATORY THEFT CLASS THATS ANOTHER 75.00.SO US TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS..I DIDNT THE DAY I GOT CAUGHT!OH AND I STILL SHOPLIFT TO THIS DAY.GOOD LUCK HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  • I know exactly how you feel, man. Just don't do anything stupid. Getting caught isn't worth it. Getting away with stuff feels so amazing, but it's a steep price if you slip up, so take care of yourself out there.

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