What a delight

I have ben cross dressing now for a while an just recently started to go out in public . I usually dress in my car as I drive around an my preferred clothing is ladies tights an leotards with panties an a sports bra . I feel so hot an sexy in my out fit . I also have a purse where I keep my wallet ,some change, makeup , an some feminine sanitary items (tampons and maxi pads ). I just feel so exited when I walk around where women can see me . I do have a problem of getting to exited though an have now climaxed 3 times when I get a strong reaction when I am seen .The last time this happened similar to the past two times was at a fast food restaurant. I walked in an made sure I was the only costumer.I some times wore a shirt to kinda hide my clothes in the past but not this time I wanted so show my whole out off . This was really getting me hot I could feel my bulge getting so hard an took a quick glance down to my crouch to see if it showed , it did . Oh man I felt so hot an h****. I walked in an ordered a drink an a breakfast sandwich the woman behind the counter was smiling all the time . When I went to pay I realized I had left my purse in my car an told the lady I needed to get it . I quickly went back to get my purse . When I returned another women was behind the counter she just laughed at me an called out to the first woman that your friend is back . As she came back I rummaged through my purse pulling out the makeup an maxi pads an setting them on the counter . She smiled again a laughed . That was when It happened again I really came hard I grabbed the counter to hold my self up my legs were really shaking badly . When I looked up she was just staring at me she gave me my food an said that I was totally pathetic. As I walked out I could her the other woman screaming he did what an laughing she chased me out the door yelling f**** an said something I did not hear right .I I turned to look at her she really started to laugh hard an an then said hold on here an she gave me my purse an said sorry she laughed . I got in to my car an drove around changed my self again an went home .

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  • Bit radical I have for many years worn sexy panties, bras and nighties at home my wife loves seeing me like that, about two years ago I moved onto heels, suspender belt and stockings plus my wife started making me up and putting on a nice blond wig we purchased some skirts, blouses and dresses for me, quite often now we go for a drive with me in female gear I only get out at a park or very private area where no one is around, my wife says I look pretty and nobody would know so get a bit more adventurous, we have the greatest s** after these trips so I might get seen in public soon, little steps though

  • fact is stranger than fantasy.

  • ^Brought to you by another loser who is far too concerned with what losers do with their spare time.

  • ^ Brought to you by a loser with no life that says bullshit like dis on every confession grow up ae

  • ^Brought to you by a man who can only state the obvious.

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