When I was young I put my grandmas dog in the washer.i thought that would be easier then siting for hours washing her. I went inside to get some towels but got distracted by the tv and started watching SpongeBob.they explaining why SpongeBob shouldn't procrastinate I didn't care there were just a lot of colors. Then I hear my grandma and brother calling out her name.i thought I would get I would miss the episode if I said something so I said grandma stands in front of the tv and says " have u seen destiny". I look at her and smile don't know why but I do."grandma why is destiny in the washer ?"my brother ask from the garage." What why....did u put her .....why soul you ...ohh lords.....its not on is it???."we all gathered around destiny just sitting all scared in the (nonturned) on washer. That day I learned u cant put your dog I the washer to get them cleaned faster.

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