My wife's hot friend

I am a loving husband and father almost 40. Been married to her since the late 90s. Several years ago my family met another at church and we all seemed to hit it off well. Our families continued meeting for card games or dinners, but...

I am now in the most amazing relationship that married woman. I'll call her C. I had always been interested in her, she was always so complex and intriguing. Finally last Halloween I started tossing some signs to see if she would withdraw. She didn't! So last New Year's Eve, I finally went for broke. Since then it's been on like crazy! It's the first time either of us have cheated, although both have been married for over 10 years.

We each went into this drawing our own logical conclusions that being intimate with someone else would help save our marriages, because it was either cheat or just leave. Neither of us felt like whole people. Our spouses are conservative Christians, while neither C nor I are conservative at all. So far we are both more whole. My marriage has gotten better, thanks to C's investment in me. Hers may get better, or might not, as her husband completely lacks emotional depth.

C and I share similar views on s**, with similar boundaries far beyond what our spouses allow. This was a major part of each of our motivations to cheat.

Since entering into this relationship in early January we each swing back and forth separately on whether we should break two homes just to be together forever. Each are held back significantly by the fact we have pre-teen daughters, and conservative extended families who are already been overwhelmed with the grief of other divorces.

C scares me sometimes. As guys go I am extremely emotional, deep, and introspective. However I feel she has far more capacity to love and connect. Maybe it's because C has been in a dead marriage almost from the start, so she is more ready to invest emotionally. I wonder if we ever were together for life, would she always need more emotion and s** than even I could provide. We have both confessed to loving each other, but she is more "in love with me" than my wife has EVER been.

All the while, we are each other's best friends. We confide in each other with complete transparency. We encourage each other in improving our marriages. We share on topics of philosophy, parenting, and just about everything else.

Where can this all go? Where should it go? Is this sustainable in its current form? Are we disgusting?


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  • "Life is too short" I appreciated your comment! -C

  • I guess either way I'm deceiving myself. First, by remaining in an empty marriage. The other by indulging in this fantasy. Only one of them makes me happy. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes first before passing judgement... -C

  • 'C' loves getting ducked by a black train you can see the aids dripping from her p****

  • Stop reposting this s*** you c***

  • You too are very deceiving, far as I'm concerned. Pray and stop l******. Your wife loves you, "C" is just a fantasy; grow up!

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