The truth is...

I cheated on you about 5 months before I broke up with you. The guy I cheated with was a guy that you called a friend and he was both your teacher and my teacher. It all started as innocent flirting through text messages and I had fantasized about him for a really long time. Then one day we met up in his classroom on a day that we didn't have school and passionately made out for about 2 or 3 hours(that was the day I told you I had to do something for the science club). After that we kept flirting and I would wear those cleavagey tops and that short skirt to school so that I could tease him when I walked down the hallway and caught him looking at my cleavage when I leaned over in class. It was a rush. I tried to stop at one point because I didn't want to hurt you but he was so hard to resist. Then the night before I broke up with you he came to my dorm room and we had s** and decided that it would be a regular thing. I'm sorry that that is how things went down but I couldn't help myself and the s** was amazing... I'm also sorry that I did not regret a single moment of it and I would not change it if I could go back and avoid sending the first flirty message. He and I are regular friends with benefits now and really that's all he is to me. I think the biggest thing was that you were not good in bed and when opportunity knocked for a better s** life I answered. I hope you find someone who deserves you.

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  • I'm really glad that you found this man and that he is so good to you and for you. Enjoy!!

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