David I'd like to spend just fifteen minutes with you

I was visiting your older brother when you stupidly left your jacket on the steps leading up to the upper story of your house. You were fifteen years old and old enough to know better than what you did.

Your five year old sister went up the steps and accidentally stepped on your jacket that you had stupidly left there.

You pushed this five year old girl down the steps. You had better thank your lucky stars your father was there.

He grabbed you by the shirt and red facedly screamed in your face that he had told you never to put your hands on your sister. You whined "she stepped on my jacket" He said "I don't know what the Hells wrong with you but if you have to eatn the hard way I can see to it that you learn it that way".

The father had briefly checked on the little girl and it turns out she was more scared than anything else.

If you had done that at my house or somewhere else besides your own home I might have kicked your teeth out of your worthless little punk skull.

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