I have the fear of losing everyone close to me. Just recently Dad called out of the blue and said a lot of nasty stuff which as affected me a lot, I can't share it with anyone not even my husband coz he anyways doesn't like my side of the family and I don't want to make it any worse. So holding things inside me is very much unlike me. I can't hold things inside me I always have to vent it out and this is the most difficult part for me, I am unable to concentrate on work, unable to think everything has become very turbulent atleast in my mind, my hubby and I anyways cud never develop a strong bond, we both are just drifiting through the life that has been given to us, he says tht the end is near and by the end of this year we might either become very strong in our relationship or we might part ways, I fear both, coz if we come close tht means i will go away from my boyfriend and if we split I will go away from my husband and either situation I will suffer. If i part ways with my husband it will be harsh on my daughter coz I don't want a broken home for her. it is never easy to say goodbye to anyone

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