I Have a way out...

I keep about 43 pills of anti-depressants in a glasses case in my room for in case I ever want to commit suicide. I've been severely depressed most of my teen years and seriously contemplated it on several occasions. As of now I feel significantly better (ironically after I stopped taking the meds) but I attribute that mostly to finally escaping our nations sad excuse of a public education system. Now as I head on to college I realize how imminent the real world approaches and my general inexperience and other horror stories I've heard about liberal arts degrees worry me greatly. that case at least gives me a way out if somewhere down the road I f*** up somehow like getting married, a bad investment, or just plain bad luck.

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  • Seek therapy!

  • R u sure 43 pils r enough

  • The problem with suicide is that death is the end of everything. Not merely the end of depression. Everybody has problems and you just have to get through them.

    As often as not anti depressants actually cause a person to think about suicide. That happened to me and perhaps thats what happened to you.

    Everybody dies but one must look at their existence as a precious thing. There are many things that could have prevented your existence so be proud that you exist and take cre of yourself to extend the existence. Death somes soon enough as it is.

  • I don't think you can OD on anti-depressants? Suicide attempts aren't usually successful anyway. You might be better off seeing a psychiatrist for your anxiety and depression and to tweak your meds. Good luck.

  • Oh yes u can once u take those pills the decision is made you will die

  • Who do you think you are? The president of the United States of America?

    Just keep calm and enjoy the good moments of the life for getting ready for bad moments. Good luck

  • Sorry but you need 44

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