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I have been single for the last 2 years and at the age of 44 I didn't think I was going to ever meet "The one" but....The other night I met a guy for a drink that a friend had set me up with.
Ok, Right from the start. He walks into the restaurant and I was like....Hmmmm...Ok, yeah, Nice to look at.
He introduced himself and I was like....Oooohhhh, Deep kinda raspy voice.
We talked and he was intelligent, Well spoken, Well mannered and funny.
The meal ended and he didn't even flinch at taking the entire bill.
We left and he offered to walk me home which is only a few blocks but he offered to walk me home then go back for his truck.
We got to my house and he was a perfect gentleman, Asked for another date, Gave me A quick peck and he was about to walk away.
I invited him in for a drink and about three quarters of the way through the drink I couldn't control myself and jumped him.
He enjoys performing oral, WHAT, He likes it, He wants to do it, He never once tried to stop doing it and push for me to do anything to him, ooopppsss, My neighbours may have gotten a show with me on the couch and my legs in the air as I was so flustered I forgot to close the blinds but...Oh well.
I had to either change it up or finish so I chose to change it up, I got his pants off and OOOHHHH S***, He is huge, My ex was big but he is massive, long, Pink, Cut, thick, and not smooth, Nope, it's veiny and bumpy and wider in the middle and ROCK hard, big dangly b****. Oh my god, I pulled it out half hard and was shocked then I stroked it hard and no lie, I got a bit scared.
I like to think I am no slouch in the oral department but I felt like I was back sucking on my first one, I could bearley get the k*** in my mouth and had a mouthful.
I was shaking and twitching and gasping and gagging and drooling and truly putting on a terrible performance, We moved to the bedroom and he complimented every part of my body which is maybe...A 7, He made sure I knew he thought I was a 10 or 11, Three kids and being married for 16 years I am maybe not in the greatest shape of my life but I like to think I have the curves in the right places. Thank god I shaved before going.
I was beyond wet but he went right back down there and I eventually had to put my hand under his chin and tell him to move to the next step which is a nice touch to be able to relax and enjoy that part without the guy racing to get on top and blow his load.
The next step was...Difficult, It definitely took a bit of phanegling to get it in, Just as he slid the k*** in I was like...Oh s***, Oh wow, Oh my god and then we got to a few strokes and pushing for a bit more and when we got to the middle I gasped, He stopped and asked if I was ok continuing, I nodded and babbled some s***, I don't even know what I but as he pushed more when we broke past the thickest part I have never felt anything like it, The pressure, the stretching, The fullness I went full s*** mode and he kept pushing then I don't know what happened but I ran out of room.
I know right, I didn't even know that was a thing but he hit a dead end and I don't know what's in there but he found it and held just a little pressure on it and I must have looked so stupid, I had my hands up, fists clenched and I don't even know what my legs were doing but I started to feel this weird sensation and I could feel my O building and then I don't know what happend but I started coming and it felt like I was having an O and peeing at the same time but couldn't stop either one.
Thank god I have a king sized bed because when I collapsed the whole one side of the bed was soaked, I was so embarrassed and he giggled making his unit flex and wiggle and I was like OH my god don't dooo-ooo-ooo that, I'm gonna come again. He picked me up, Moved me to a dry spot and started out slow, Which with his size was very much appreciated, He had the perfect rythm, The perfect depth, He touched, kissed, Pinched and pulled the right spot at the right time with the right consitency and I have never really been too much into...Ahem...Nipple play but he knew just how to do it and make it work wonders, Everything was going great, he was hitting spots inside, outside and spots I didn't even know I had and then....
He had one hand pulling one nipple, Nibbling my neck and squeezing my bum with the other hand and then he slipped a finger into a no go zone and I was like...Oh, Uh, I don't. He told me he wouldn't put it in unless I asked him to and I was like...Well, Ok I guess, that's not gonna happen but if it makes you happy. And then with just the right amount of pressure and rubbing it started to feel good, Then really good, then I said...Do it, Put it in. and my mind got blown, I had no idea it would be like that or that it would feel that way and I started to come, I told him and we locked eyes and came together, I didn't have to tell him to take it out, He just did at the right time and I blurted out some embarrassing things and may have told him I love him...Oops.
when we were finished i just laid there and my legs for real wouldn't cooperate with what I wanted them to do so I ended up laying there shaking, Sweaty and spread eagle for a minute or two and he was happy to just look at me and kiss my body and compliment me on just the right things so as not to come off as creepy until i groaned and managed to close my legs. We were forced to get up since there was no dry place to lay and I am kind of embarrassed but I basically begged him to shower with me and he was happy to, He lathered me up and I sooooo wanted to go again in the shower but my body was done and I was sore and he never pushed for it so I left it at that.
After we toweled off I stood in the bathroom with just a towel on my head which I wouldn't even do in front of my ex but we just kissed and talked and touched and then I asked if he was staying and he said it was up to me, I told him my kids were coming home the next day and he politley excused himself from that situation which was good for me to avoid that. I stood at my front door still in just my hair towel and felt so relaxed and comfortable that if my neighbours were looking they would have gotten show number two when he finally did leave and he opened the door.
The next day my ex showed up with the kids and they came in, said hi and bolted out the door to see friends, My ex and I have been...Sneaking in the odd session and he was obviously wanting too, I will say that divorced s** with your ex is better than married s** so I have been getting my needs met that way but...I was still reeling from the night before, However I didn't want him to know so I let him get some, i have never been so disappointed with our s** as I was that day. He was not as big, greedy, Off pace, Had no idea where or what to touch and as with our whole marriage had zero interest in doing oral aside from basically spitting on it to get it wet and slathering it around with his tongue before spending 10 minutes banging me, Grabbing my hair and coming in my mouth.
So...If my new...Friend can maintain even a portion of the performance he gave me the first night he will have outperformed my ex in the entire time we were together, He waited the obligatory 3 days before contacting me again and I am gonna see him this saturday evening.

Jul 18, 2020

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