Peeing in the car

My family has two properties, one in Mendocino county CA, and one in Sedona, AZ. I spend one week at each place and one at the main home in Los Angeles. Ever since I was a young girl, I've been a bit of a Coke addict, and now drink about 8 sixteen ounce bottles a day. Well, I drive an older Honda Accord with a sun roof. What I started doing about a year ago is I got tired of stopping all the time to pee--after all I log a lot of miles each week. So what I started doing is wearing short skirts with no undies, and I just pee right into the cloth seat of the car. It's older, and I don't care. I generally drive with the windows and sunroof open, and the fan blasting, so the smell isn't really very bad at all. It's very convenient and no one really knows I peed in the car. The only time I'm embarrassed is when I take the car in for oil changes, which I admit I don't to often enough--about once or twice a year. Otherwise, peeing on the seat is actually quite fun and very convenient.

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  • Freaking HOT! Really loving thinking about you doing this. I'd love to pee the passenger seat while you pee while driving. (I'm debating peeing my recliner right now tbh)

  • Your a PIG that's what bathrooms are for u savage

  • You're a pig. Then it leaks most likely leaks through the seats onto the floor board and carpet. And you don't notice it, because you're used to it. No amount of air freshener is going to get rid of that smell..You should drive that car into the ground. No one will ever buy it. You'll have to give it away.

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