Sleep Paralysis

I get sleep paralysis a lot and I also have ghosts in my house. And one day when my mother and youngest sister were out, leaving me with my father and other sister, I felt myself slipping into what I call 'The state' when sleep paralysis takes over my body. I was in bed, facing the door and as I faced it, it suddenly opened and in came a teenage girl, who had my sisters hair style, and my hair colour (long hair,full fringe, and brown hair) she came over to my bed and said "you promised" before walking out. I had never been so scared in my life. Her face was masked by shadows but I knew for a fact that it wasn't my sister. As soon as she left I could hear giggling behind me "She's scared" I heard a boy mumble "No she's not" a girl replied "Watch," she continued, and in that short moment, I snapped out of the state and ran for my life. I ran to my sisters room and told her everything. She had heard my door open and close but had thought that it was my father. Was is a ghost? An illusion? What happened!?

Oct 20, 2015

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  • That's interesting a friend was telling me about this stuff. There are individuals who practice this type of education/skill in dark energy and demons and other stuff. They have schools with eager students wanting to lean how to manipulate demons and other frightening stuff. If u have run into someone who claims they practice this stuff or you're experiencing bad things, he did mention one thing that can help. He said you can ask for help from the Arc Angel Michael, and he will come and chase them away. I don't understand any of this stuff I'm just passing on this information I heard and maybe it will help. He's experiencing a similar situation. Good luck.

  • But even if the girl wasn't having sleeping paralysis, have you even seen a ouija board? Played with one? That s*** is real, people can see s*** without lucid dreaming -_-

  • I hate it when people say it's no such thing but haven't Ben went through S*** like this, like stfu

  • No such thing as ghosts, it's your imagination.

  • I had these in the past. It is horrible. I am prone to spirits "clinging to me" I don't go to funerals or cemeteries because of that. Between my sister and myself we had 10. They tortured us. one night I was at my moms and my sister called freaked out it was 2AM she said a old man he knocking on her door and won't stop she looked out the peep hole and he was holding a pie. I was just 2 buildings away(apt complex) I ran there and the building was empty. It was in a rural area so there was big fields surrounding the place. I ran all around there. We knew a friend who put them to rest. You can ask a Priest or religious leader about how to get rid of them. They want attention some mean harm most don't know they are dead or are not ready to cross over. Either way Ask them to leave and not bother you. Tell them this is your house now and then should leave but be nice. My sister also had an old whiskey barrel as a deco in the living room. I was asleep on the couch one night and smelled it she and my brother in law did we all got up almost at the same time. She was standing in the hallway with my brother in law and he hit the light switch and the cork was floating in the air. As soon as the light came on it fell to the ground. This cork was 3 inches around wooden and was in the barrel forever. She bought it at a lumber yard a Lowes type of place. I have more stories about the 10 of them but, Yeah it's real it's scary. Get help with it. Moving don't work if they are "attached" to you they go with you. If they are attached to the house your fine.

  • Woah that's creepy af! I get those too but never that advanced. Go buy sage from and burn the whole thing throughout your house and most IMPORTANTLY open a window while saying a prayer

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