Seeing a BJ

This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me but was also very nice in a way and gets me hard still now when I think of it.
This happened nearly 30 years ago. When me and my wife were courting we lived some distance away but we both worked in London, so we could meet up in London during the week and at the weekends I used to come and stay in Surrey with her Mum. Her Father had died when she was very young and she had no siblings, so it was me, her and her Mum. Her Mother was very understanding and she would know, I am sure, when we were having s**, which was very often and always on a Sunday morning. Well one Sunday morning we were both naked on the bed having a perfectly wonderful 69 and I was just c****** in her mouth when her Mother walked in with 2 cups of tea. All she said was "I will put the tea on the bedside cabinet", she then looked down at the mess I had of my GF's (at the time) face and then walked out of the room. She never said anything about it until the afternoon when she asked us if we had enjoyed it. My GF just went as red as beetroot but I managed to say "Yes, very much thanks."

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  • I wish you well guy, I can see that you may have problems in store. What happens if your MIL and wife fall out, for example?

  • Yup I am aware of that but the problem is that living with these two beauties is amazing all of the time. I cannot stop myself, I am powerless.

  • Me and my MIL had a long chat about this last night, I told her how much I loved her and that I loved her the first moment I saw her. This she had guessed already and she knew that I love my wife as well, which is true I am in love with both of these wonderful women. So we decided to leave things as they are because neither of us wanted to hurt my wife - obviously! So later we were all together and we decided to have a little drink, which is not uncommon, but we ended up drinking 5 bottles of wine and we were as p***** as farts, I kid you not (day off work tomorrow - ie today). Next thing I know is that the girls are stripping off and so am I. My missus goes down on me and slides my c*** down her throat and my MIL pushes her p**** into my face and I start eating her out. This all runs its course and I end up shooting my load into my MIL and my missus licks up the creampie. This morning we all look a bit sheapish and my MIL pops out for a 'Morning After' pill. But my wife was not hurt at all, in fact she has been incredibly affectionate all morning and I think she is happy that I f***** her mother. To be honest it makes a lot of sense, the three of us spend so much time together, we even holiday together at our holiday home in Normandy. You will be surprised to hear that the cruise we took for our honeymoon was a cruise for all three of us, well me and the missus had been living together for 6 months before the wedding and as I said in my original post my MIL had seen us having oral s** before. I do hope there are no recriminations, I am quite frightened that the equilibrium might have been upset and to lose either one of these wonderful women would destroy me.

  • Wow I cannot believe what has just happened. I showed these posts to my wonderful wife and after she read them she hugged and kissed me for a while, she was touched by my words. She has said that she will have a chat with her Mum about me and her Mum having full s** and she is sure she will say yes. Wow this wonderful I can love both of them completely.

  • That all sounds very hot guy, very very hot.

  • Reply Part 2 - I have never had and never will have s**, with my MIL but we do flirt quite a bit. When we are sunbathing I will often lay with my head on her lap and I can then smell her p**** and if my erection has dissipated then it quickly comes back again. She will also often lay her head on my lap and again my erection comes back and the giggles will re-ignite, but hey nobody seems to mind. Now and again she has kissed the end of my erection, I suppose that is because my missus thinks nothing of blowing me in front of her and I have eaten my missus out in front of her. Mind you that does cause her to wiggle her butt around a bit and she will often disappear for a while. Once me and my wife followed her upstairs and peeked in her bedroom where she was pleasuring herself with a d**** we bought for her in Brussels! She was completely comfortable with us joining in and all three of us gave ourselves an o*****. She weren't so happy though when she realised I had shot some of mine over her bedspread, but these things happen in love and masturbation. So a wonderful free situation, if me and my wife want s**, a snog or even just a quick grope then we do not need to worry, we just do it wherever we are. No one knocks on bedroom or bathroom doors before entering, in fact these doors are never closed. I once walked into the toilet and discovered my MIL having a pee, I just sat on the floor and watched, it was lovely. I have to say, though, that I love and worship them both and if my wife walked out on me, I pray that she never does of course, I would ask my MIL to marry me right away. My wife is quite aware how I feel about her Mother but knows that I would never make a move on her.

  • Reply - Part1
    I have now married my GF discussed in the main post and we live with my Mother-in-Law (MIL) in her beautiful house in Surrey. During our first summer there we were all sunbathing in the garden, which is not overlooked at all and my wife took her top off and after a little while so did my MIL. A few weeks on and by this time if we were going to sunbathe they would have their tops off before we got out into the garden, my wife then decided to lose the bikini bottom too and again after a little while so did my MIL. I have to say that I fancy my MIL something terrible, she is gorgeous a more mature version of my wife, if you see what I mean and seeing her in the nude is quite difficult. I also now sunbathe nude with them but it takes a little while (a long while actually) for my erection to dissipate and brings giggles from the girls.

  • Now that would be very embarrassing!

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