I was raised Catholic and went the holy roller route later in life, but have always wondered if the Bible and what I was taught was made up. That has never gone away and I am beginning to think that I am an atheist. Maybe one day I can put my guilt and fear aside and embrace that.

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  • There is no contradiction between science and catholicism. The Church doesn't refute the teaching of evolution. Science helps us to understand the world created by God and to prove faith. Some things in catholicism are 'articles of faith' and 'dogma' which means a Catholic must believe them because they have been divinely revealed to man from God through Christ, e.g. the Holy Trinity, the Divinity and Humanity of Christ. But, other things are not like the world being 6000 years old.

    I know very few catholic now who would thing the world is only 6000 years old. 500 years ago, the Church did not have science and believed that the world was 6000 years old. But, with science helping us to understand scripture, we now know that it is actually millions of years old. The bible is full of allegories and not everything is to be taken literally. It is not essential to salvation whether or not we believe the world is 6000 years old, but we believe that God is the creator with the other two persons of the Trinity. I see no contradiction between a "big bang theory" and that told in the bible. God is a spirit, could He not have been that driving force to create that big bang?

    What gave such credibility to Jesus was the miracles he performed and messianic prophecies he fulfilled, converting thousands. His divinity and teachings was reinforced and verified by his resurrection. His apostles spread out to preach the faith revealed by Christ while doing miracles too, all recorded down by St. Luke. Although we 2000 years later were unable to witness Christ's resurrection, we embrace the same faith and teachings safeguarded by the Holy Spirit and passed down to us from our forefathers.

    Pray about it. Go to confession - whether you think there is a God or not, you just need to sorry for all your past sins and go to confession. Start going to mass on Sunday, trying different parishes if you do not like that one. Spend time before the Blessed Sacrament...10 mins in silence during the week in a Catholic church. Just take small steps and pray about it. The worst that could happen is you die a good moral person.

  • I forgot to add that the only flaw with evolution is that it doesn't explain the creation of the Human soul - this is the main objection made by the Church. Although I admit we have many similarities genetically with apes, the Church teaches we were created as Adam and Eve being the first human parents.

  • You should talk to people on I know there are people who posted there with similar afflictions

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