it would of been better not knowing you at all....

It's sad when you remember meeting your own father at the age of 6. Six years into your life...and you finally meet your dad. Two years from that he goes to prison. Comes back tries to take the role of "DAD" again...FAILS....AGAIN. Goes back to prison several years later. And now it doesn't hurt as much as it did when I was 6...I'm 15 now, by the way. But the part that hurts the most is seeing my 9 year old brother go through the same feelings I went through...It hurts to see him hurt, only knowing how he must feel. Sometimes I wish that he would of been one of those dads that completely skip out on their kids lives, SOMETIMES.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I DID know my dad. He died before I graduated high school. My life would be completely different, and probably a lot better, if I had never known him. So quit whining and count your blessings, all of you!!

  • My dad has been in and out of lock up many many times. I don't see him much, its sad.

  • I can understand this. I am 19 and have never met my father. I know who he is and he knows about me so it used to hurt when I was a kid. But, I turned out okay, probably better off then having a "part-time" father.

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