Fool me once...

I never wanted kids and my soon to be wife new it. I wasn't shy about my feelings and the fact that screaming /crying kids made me want to shoot myself. A week after our wedding she tells me she's pregnant. Despite using birth control I knew where kids came from and accepted it. Our daughter was 2 when her family started to pressure us in to having another. Once again I said absolutely not. Less than a month later she told me she was pregnant again. Now my kids are 2 and 5 and my life sucks. Nothing but crying screaming whining diaper changing. I used to be an avid Sportsman and angler no I do nothing but work and babysit after my wife quit her career and wanted to stay at home. After she got bored took a minimum wage job so we work exact opposite shifts. Don't let a women fool you. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. We had a great exciting adult success oriented life before now I'm al bundy!


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  • That is so cute. You think it's just women (note "e" in this plural form) who do this??

    Whether or not to have kids is even more of a deal-breaker as religion. If you're not both on the exact same page, that's the biggest reddest flag there is. One of you WILL end up unhappy. You were the one to catch the $hit end of this particular stick. Shoulda passed on getting married to a broodmare, friend. Enjoy lading your brats with unspoken resentment; you can be sure they're picking up on it and being affected by it.

  • *than, not is.

  • F*** people who pressure you they wasted their lives and want you to do the same so they don't feel as bad

  • Grow up - life happens. Embrace and love your children and give them the best life possible, and if you don't want anymore kids, learn how to properly use birth control.

  • They won't always be babies. And maybe you can even take them on a sporting adventure..maybe not be as intense as you would like, but they may enjoy it. You should also not give up your passions because you have kids. You may not be able to do it as often as you would like, but doesn't mean you give it all up. The part where your wife works opposite shifts is a bit concerning, just because when do you two see each other? Talk to her, maybe some other arrangements can be worked out. The 5 year old is in school now, and the 2 year old in pre-school? She could get a job during the day...just a thought.

  • You'll be glad when your much older and your kids take care of you Al!

  • Right, because that's a guarantee-- just ask like 9/10s of rest home residents. Selfish dumb$hit!

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