My Nana is abusive and I'm really tired of it

My nan has been abusive for a good majority of my life (I'd say since I was 6). Hair pulling, slapping, verbal abuse, emotional abuse..

She lunged at me with a knife in her hand once. She also enjoys cursing me and constantly telling me how much I'm going to suffer in h*** for being the way I am.

Example; I recently bought a new cheap ass daybed which was $150 because my old bed had been giving me chronic back pain for 5 years. She was screaming at me because she assumed I used her money. She then goes and calls my favourite great uncle and starts s*** talking me and claiming I'm a thief.
I'm getting really tired of the daily abuse, yet anyone I spoke to about it told me to just "be patient" "her time is coming to an end soon enough" "she's old, you need to understand that"

Just a few days ago, she lost my birth certificate and health card. I still can't find it.

Like, if this wasn't a daily thing for the past 13 years then yeah, I'd be a little more understanding, but I'm really f****** sick of constantly being abused for no legitimate reason.

I just don't know what to do anymore.

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  • When she lunged at you with a knife you should have had her arrested.

  • You male or female

  • ? how old are you..

  • From stepfather to Nana. You have f****** issues dude.

  • Wait,has this douche posted something similar before?

  • You can wear a mask and attack her with a butcher knife and cut her legs and hands apart, let her live a disable life and force her to drink you urine every day. Slap her hard make her suffer show her what we call as h ell. Good luck

  • Even better,use her dirty knickers as the mask!!!

  • If you're under 18, how do you not know about CPS or related services?

    If you're over 18, maybe start planning to GTFO since waiting for old barracudas to die is like watching a glacier melt?

  • I was going to comment this. Call CPS or plan your escape, sadly.

  • Kill the b****.

  • Kill the b.i.t.c.h

  • We got the general idea the first time, dear...

  • No worries,just wasn't happy with the censoring,some less mentally adept people make confuse it for something else.
    Like kill the Balla (Negroid types)
    Or kill the Brits etc

  • Kill the Brits.

  • All day Brits

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