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Hi everyone. I am so scared that I want to confess it here. I want to cut the whole story and tell you a summary. I used the 14k money that isn't mine. I spend it all. To think that money was the payment for my dormitory. I know I did bad. My father found out and he is super mad. What do I do? I've been thinking of ending my life but I know that that won't help. I now I just need to accept this. I should not be allowed to hold money anymore. and I've been telling them a lot of lies already. I just want to sleep and forget about everything. But I am in reality, so I just have to accept on my fathers decision. I hope I can take his words. I feel so guilty!!!!


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  • Don't harm yourself and apologize and explain the whole thing to your father. Take responsibility and take some time off school to work and save the money back. It might delay your education but it will be a good lesson for you. Return to college when you can responsibly handle money. Be well.

  • Ending your life is not an option. Is there anything you can return to recover some of the money? You need to be more careful with money. It may be a long time before your dad trusts you with finances. You should get a job and begin to payback the debt with interest. Whatever the consequences. .you're going to have to deal. Let this be a lesson and

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