Why i left my job

Few years ago now, i had to leave my job because of my actions, at the time it was very stressfull and very upsetting and had me very worried, why? because i got caught s******* my manager on his desk by another high up director! we lied n said it was a a very short thing, it wasnt! we had been having s**/doing other things nearly everyday for past 7months almost! He, a well respected suit in the company, mid 40s, wife and two kids. me a 23yo sales rep, basicly on the phones all day, bored sexaully due to a boyfriend always away with work! it started on a teambuilding exercise which he gave me a lift home as i had bo car at the time, we finished the day with sexaul tension between us, i invited him in for a coffee, ended up with my
lega round him on the kitchen sidetop! he popped round at the start just once a week for some real breathe taking s**, then twice a week, before long it was every night my bf was away! the s** got kinkyer, nastyer, dirtyer until my boyfriend stopped going away for work and then before i knew it i was working late, claiming there to be an evening shift i was on when really i was taking from behind on my manager desk next to the pictures of him wife n family. things then got more extreme, he would summon me in the day, into his office, he would close the blinds, have me climb under his desk and f*** my face until he came in my mouth before sending me away again, this once happened everyday for a week, he would always be cold with me around other co-workers, would barely look at me until it was after hours and then he would worship my body before he would f*** me like his w****, eventually the rumours started, but that was hardly expected as he would buy me new sexy office wear for him to do me in! i mean when i firat started it was smart black trousers, flat shoes n blouse and such, but at the end he had me dreasing in tight pencil skirt, stockinga n garter belts and he love heels so i was strutting around the office in kinky heels and kinky boots, one example i can give is he had delivered to me in the morning a parcel with new fishnet stockings, corset and heels i had to wear under my clothes, by lunch time i was so hot n sweaty as he summonded me into his office again for a quick f******* while everyone else was on lunch, and then once everyone was gone he had me all dressed up on his deak again before we then took a stroll up to the board room were he had me again on the big table up there, the night wwe were caught we were just lazy! the director walked by his office and the blind wasnt fully down, we thought everyone had gone, but there i was, legs wide open him inbetween! we both got sent home and ordered to turn up next day at 9, gave the option and i left, he stayed for a few more months but we never really spoke after that, we just about managed to save the secret but i lost my job! he was more terrifyed i was going to tell his wife!

Mar 27, 2016

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  • Physical relations between bosses and employees are very common, but as you found out it needs to be discreet and never at the office. The way most find they're suspected is the way they act around the other at work. If that agreement is made up front, nothing is likely to ever be learned. I'm sorry you were caught.

  • Where you from

  • Wish i had someone working for me like yourself, strutting around the office dressed the way he made you, knowing that i had used your throat for lunchtime relief. my warm s**** in your stomach

  • You nasty s***! im surprise you only f***** one guy!

  • At that job yes

  • Did your bf not notice you wearing that stuff to and from work?

  • Yea and no, he noticed it was wearing skirts and heels but never the other stuff, as they where stores in my locker at work or in my car, but he i did once mess up and walked in at home wearing the over the knee boots and my bf noticed, i blagged n said it was a surprise for him

  • And he f***** u in them? 2nd time that day? any of your lovers c** still inside you?

  • 3rd time that day i think, no my lover had c** in my mouth both times before my bf f***** me

  • Sure hope that you've learned a good lesson from this and can be successful at future jobs.

  • Wish i could say i have, but i have made sure i wont be in that exact situation again, even with the fun and pleasure it came at a cost, still i really enjoyed myself

  • So you did enjoy it then? what was the best s*** u had from him?

  • Oh yea i loved it, was a great moment in my life! best f*** had to be the first time we f***** in the board room, he was still in his suit and i was half naked with stockings and heels on! my heel sug into the woodwork as i came and we left a mess in the table, next day i was in there for a team meeting knowing that 12 hours ago i had came on the same spot the director was sat at!

  • So you were know as the office s***?

  • I duno, i thought we did hide it very well until we got caught

  • Did you ever get f***** by him and your boyfriend in same day?

  • Yea i did, one day i had morning s** with the boyfriend, then sucked my managers sick on lunch, f***** by him in the evening and then again that night by the boyfriend

  • Hot and were did everyone c**?

  • Well in the morning my bf came inside me, on lunch my manager came in my mouth and i swallowed it but when he f***** me in the evening, i told him i still had my bf cun in me so he came inside me aswell and demanded that i f*** hin again that night, which i did n my bf did actaully notice i still had c** in me and i said it was from him in the morning,

  • Dirty b****, cocktail of s**** in your well used p****. how did it feel? being a w**** behind your partners back?

  • I f****** loved it

  • While facefucking you under his desk? did u deepthroat him and did he c** in your throat?

  • First couple of times id say i sucked his d*** under the desk, after that he f***** my mouth and yes my throat! used to always have to redo my make up after as he used to make my eyes water and his trousers used to get soaking wet from all the saliva

  • Did u enjoy having your slutty face f*****?

  • Yes i did! he use my mouth and my throat for his pleasure! it got me so h****!

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