I lost all points of reference

I can find no truth or familiarity any more. You have alienated me totally. you should be proud. The negative result of being so cruel and ugly for so long inspite of pretending to carry the torch of unspoken and unapparent love, is losing the man and the love he had for you, without warning other than what common sense and the reasoning which made you act as you did intending the result you clearly achieved. Give respect to open the door to anything but without it you stand to lose everything. the moral, care of common sense and personal experience. just how my life goes. I had to apologize to a distraught young lady the other day for her mom being who she was. I would buy you a new one if I could but I can't. Just don't you dare let her change who you are and the quality of your life. You have to face that some things are not right and just a fact of life fair or not. She was a worse partner than she is a mom, if that is any consolation. A smile, She remembered.

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