" I guess it's just my imagination. "

Sometimes I don't know what to think, some days you give me some indication that you are interested, but other days you are so distant. I understand there's lots of people around too, but then when it's just you and I you can't even look into my eyes. You just walk away from me. Don't worry I'm not going to make a move on you unless I know for sure it's mutual. Maybe it's just my imagination, I guess I should just try ,and forget this feeling a I have for you..

Apr 14, 2016

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  • The person is probably too shy and needs you to make the first move

  • Can't look because the fear of getting caught and loosing you is greater than just being with you. Whether you make a move or not, feelings were and will always be mutual. Even if you try, will you be able to forget this feeling?

  • No, I will feel this way. I just wish we could finally be open with each other only. No one else could never know just me and you.

  • Fine, open up ;)

  • I don't ever want to forget my feelings holding them only I am living my life if only you knew

  • I know it from Day 1. Told you: Feelings ARE mutual!

  • I know

  • One can jump into conclusion bandwagon anytime but isn't it not worth enough to spare a thought that situations might be different and you might not have any idea to it..To draw a line is always the best solution one find ..why not for sake welcome some change.

  • Just ask. If it works, great. If it doesn't great, you can stop obsessing and move onto other things.

  • Don't forget your feeling but do be bold and make a move. Wonderful things may become of this!

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