Step Mom and sometimes I want to give him back

I married the love of my life 7 years ago. I adore him even today however, he came with a 3 year old son. Okay, cool I did that part time mom thing for 5 years. Then all the sudden his full mom left. I mean for real she just left him. like a good parent we got full custody of him and gave it a go. Being a full time parent SUCKS so HARD!!!! No one tells you just how thankless of a job it truly is. I never gave birth to any kids because I knew I did not want to be a parent, but here I am with someone else's kid. Please don't give me that bull sh*t line of now he is your kid cause honey I"M NOT HIS MOMMA!!!!
I didn't make a kid that s***** and I surely didn't raise a kid to lie and be so disrespectful. I feel like I have to train a bad dog how to behave. OMG really....jesus.

Cant get rid of him and can't leave my soul mate WTF!!!!


Apr 14, 2016

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  • Thankfully you haven't bred. The world will be a better place without you passing on your genes

  • There's the door.. leave. You became a parent the moment you married a man with a child. And it's not a bull s*** line..You may not be his birth momma ..but you're now the only real stable mother influence he has in his life. This kid didn't ask for his parents to split up. He didn't ask for his mother to abandon him ..that has to be devastating. And he didn't ask for a step mom who doesn't like him. Gosh..if all of that happened to me..I would act out too. Isn't this kid 10 at this point? He should be in school for most of the day. Sign him up for sports or other activities. Get him to therapy as well, he will need to process the feelings of abandonment. But you can be a positive in his life. Good men are good men because of their mothers and fathers. That child will see what a good relationship is by what you show in your household. The disrespect that's happening. if it's really new..he's testing you. Are you going to leave like his mom - even though you want to --you know you can't. Read and look online for ways to better improve this relationship.

  • LOL - I guess then that you just have to suck it up. ~

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