Take me Back

So in my area there is a convention that occurs twice a year, and I went to it two weeks ago. I decided to go because I heard that singer Alice Cooper and actor Anthony Michael Hall would be there namely. I was so excited to go! I got to attend Hall's Q&A panel, and asked him a question about Edward Scissorhands (my favorite movie, in which he played the j*** boyfriend). At one point later that day, I wandered into the autograph room, bored while I waited for Alice Cooper's Q&A panel. I went over to Anthony Michael Hall's autograph table, but he wasn't there. I locked eyes with his assistant and we started to chat. He recognized me from the panel. I told him that I had brought my Scissorhands DVD in hopes of having Hall sign it, but I had no money left (at a convention like this, it can cost anywhere from 30 to 60 dollars for an autograph). He told me to stick around for Hall to come back so he could sign my DVD, and about ten minutes later, he came in through a back door. I started freaking out.
The assistant I'd been talking to passed the DVD over to Hall and said something like "Hey, we gotta take care of this girl. She's a huge fan." Hall agreed, smiled up at me and recognized me too! I told him that I was out of money, and that he didn't have to sign anything if I couldn't afford it. But he brushed it off and signed it for free. We talked a little bit, and it was the most amazing thing, to have a celebrity like that talk to me like a friend. After that I was struggling to keep my composure and not fangirl too hard, but he said "Pick a T-shirt from the wall." I picked a Breakfast Club shirt and then he asked, "Do you want to take a picture?" I said yes, and started bawling. He gave me a huge hug, me crying right into his jacket, and we took some photos. I was still sobbing and I said, "This is the best day- of my life." He smiled and hugged me again. After that, I said goodbye, rushed to the bathroom and cried with joy.
This was the most embarrassing, and still the most wonderful, moment of my life. Since then, I've become obsessed with Anthony Michael Hall. I've looked into more of his work, gotten some merchandise expressing my love for him, and will find any excuse to talk about him. I even sent him an email apologizing for my lack of composure. I regretted it for a while but now I just find myself with an overwhelming love for Anthony Michael Hall. When I get mad or sad about something, I just remember back to that glorious day when we met. Seeing him at a distance, he doesn't look like that scrawny teenage geek from the days of John Hughes at all, but when we spoke, and I looked into his soft blue-green eyes, I knew it was him. I saw Brian in there, I saw Jim, I saw Farmer Ted. In that moment, I saw my admiration for him. And I felt special. Like I could call on him anytime I wanted.
If only...
I love him so much more than I did before now that I've had the chance to meet him in real life. I just have to meet him again. I wish I could relive that day, that moment, the moment where I fell in love. If only I wasn't just a lame little fangirl thirty years younger than him. If only we could talk again. If only I could travel through time.

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