I love exposing

A few times i have let a couple different people catch a sneak peek at one part of my body or another, My youngest sister and her boyfriend spend a lot of time with us just because me and her get along so well and my husband and her boyfriend get along quite well also.
I have let him get a peek of my b*** a few times just down my shirt or a simple nip slip or whatever but on July long weekend i gave him a much more involved show. We had a couple great days Friday and Saturday at our parents lake house just boating and drinking and on Saturday afternoon one of our brothers and his wife and kids showed up.
We had to rearrange our sleeping arrangement and ended up putting an air mattress on the floor in the big bedroom and my sister and her boyfriend were going to sleep on it while my husband and i slept in the bed, They have been together for 5 years and i don't know why they aren't married but that's for them to decide.
We all spent the day boating and hanging out then had a barbecue for supper and stayed up late talking and drinking, We had all the kids in sleeping bags in the living room, My parents in their room, My brother and his wife had the small room and us in the big bedroom, We went to bed and i woke up early in the morning, I don't know why but i couldn't go back to sleep. I laid there and as always for some reason i am always h**** when i am hung over and I couldn't jump my husband because we were sharing a room.
We were laying opposite directions with our feet toward their heads I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror on the door which was most of the way closed and could see that my sisters boyfriend was sleeping on the side of their bed closest to the side of our bed that i was on and he was laying there playing on his phone, I never wear underwear to bed, Ever, It's just something i have always done unless i have my period and i was wearing a nightgown as always, It wasn't super long but not anything sexy and as i laid there i found myself thinking about rolling onto my back but couldn't think of a way to pull a b*** out or anything without being obvious.
I was laying there and i was getting more h**** as time went on and decided if i was going to do something it was now or never. I was snuggled up to my husbands back as he snored like a bear and i don't think my sister has woken up before noon unless she had to since she was 15 so i knew she would be asleep.
I stuck one leg out of the sheets, Shuffled down a bit so my nightgown rode up and flipped my leg over my husbands hip, i could instantly feel the coolness and could tell i had exposed a bit more than i planned on but it was too late to go back now, I peeked in the mirror and being lower to the floor i could see him and watched as he looked over, His eyes got big and i watched him swallow hard.
I get laser hair removal done EVERYWHERE down there and my husband always tells me that the position i was in is about the hottest thing he has ever seen and loves when i lay like that for him, I laid there peeking at him and he looked over at my sister making sure she was asleep then whipped out his wiener which i thought would be bigger but its not the smallest i have seen, He laid there stoking it slow which i assume was so he didn't shake the bed, It only took about two minutes and he looked around on the floor in a bit of a panic grabbing my sisters t-shirt off the floor and wrapped it around his wiener and closed his eyes as he came in it LOL.
I watched as he laid there and listened to him breathing heavy for a minute as he stared at me from behind, I almost wanted to roll over and let him know he was busted but figured if i did he would know i did it on purpose so i just laid there peeking at him, He pulled up his pants, and left the room with the shirt bunched up in his hand which i found later in the bottom of the bathroom laundry hamper.
As soon as he was out of the room i reached back and checked and as i thought everything was fully visible. He had full view of my feet, Legs, bum, hips, Vag and even my butt hole. I laid there until he returned and slipped back into bed, i wanted to lay there and let him look as long as possible but he lifted his phone and i panicked putting my leg down and half covering up, I waited until he left then fixed my self up and checked to see if anyone else needed the shower then i gave that shower head a workout. Tee Hee.


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  • Nice work, I once saw my wife's younger sister, She goes commando and passed out on our couch in a dress with her knees pulled up showing everything also, I grabbed a hand towel and jerked a quick one looking at her puffy lips and tight looking little pink butt hole.
    I often wonder if she was awake but i don't think so.

  • Holy cow I didn't know they started permitting children to post in this forum.

  • Nice, but you should have rubbed one off too.

  • I have exposed my girlfriend complete naked while f****** from behind and she was laying next to my younger that was drunk.

  • Daaamn girl! That was f****** hot as f***. More women should be like you and show of the goods.

    I have a coworker who loves to show me her t*** all the time. She wears low cut shirts and always bends over in front of me. I reciprocate by touching her on her side, the small of her back, or on her leg. She then laughs like a schoolhouse girl and we move on. We have not f***** yet, but I know she wants to.

    So I am guessing you want to f*** your sisters boyfriend. Otherwise you wouldn't have let him m********* to your exposed p****. Just make sure your husband and your sister don't find out.

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