My Biological Parents Don't Love Me As A Person

My parents don't care about me or love me very much. They gave birth to me, let a vampire vamp me, and my life went down the crapper most of my life. Then I find out I have a trust fund worth a little over 2 million or so (heh "a little") and I find out I'm the reincarnation of a famous person. Cause they believe in reincarnation. But they think I'm a paedophile cause some lying sack of s*** wants to tell everyone I've been looking up CP on my computer, when in actuality, I was reporting child p********** websites and bringing them down.

Now I might have lost my trust fund. It's rough being Jesus Christ...... did I say that? Cause it's true.

If anyone wants to be saved, lemme know.

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  • I went to japan and there's this guy in my class who watched a documentary about legal cp in japan and he spread a rumour I went there to see children and do stuff to them. So I feel for you

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