People die and three weeks later no one even talks about you

My ol buddy died in his house I guess from a heart attack. He was a great guy but he drank too much and he didn't take good care of himself. He lived by himself which is not good for a man over seventy.

Its sad because he only died two months ago. I sit at my watering hole and when he was alive he was the life of the party.

Nobody says a damn thing about him. Its as if he never existed.

The same thing happened when my father died.

Life is short and tragic at the best of circumstances and unless your Leonardo De Vinci or Michaelangelo you are forgotten in record time.

Another friend of mine died back in August 2015 and guess what? Nobody talks about him or anything he did during the entire sixtynine years of his life.

Jun 5, 2016

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  • Its sad that nobody know urexistence when u are alive and even when you are gone. you might be that kind soul who offer a helping hand to ple when they are sick and frail but when they are well they forgot all about u. life is like this it sucks big time and nothing is fair

  • Your nobody until somebody kills you

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