Fever dream

Some years ago I was infected with a serious strain of Lime disease which went into pneumonia. The doctors put me in a medically induced coma and I had this weird vision.

I was in a stranded space ship talking to an alien. The alien was also stranded but neither of us was in imminent danger. We got to communicating and the alien was arrogant. We were using his device which translates languages of different species. The alien told me that he was superior to me and that his species was more technologically advanced than mine.

I asked him if that was true why was he in the same situation as I was. Stranded in the middle of space nowhere. There was no immediate reply but he did say his robot was superior to mine. I told him that my robot was pretty damn good that it was self programming and knew more about the spaceship than I did.

The alien replied that he was himself a machine and that his race of machines had overwhelmed their original makers. My rely to this was this. I said that makes us superior to you because humans and machines on my planet get along with no conflicts in sight. This is when I realized I was talking to myself in a subconscious B movie all of us have in our sub conscience. I was talking and getting back answers that I myself would make up.

The conversation ended with this revelation and I came in and out of conscience. My brain was communicating with itself trying to make sense of my situation and had made up the whole thing.

My fever eventually broke and after a few months I was well enough to go back to work. I still have problems but overall I'm well.

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  • What you're describing is a dream. You had a dream.

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