Go Kart incident I was a stingy selfish youth unwilling to share

I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. I've always been kind of stingy with my things. During my youth I never shared my toys with other kids. I was the only kid with a Go-Kart and never let any of my friends take it for a spin. I remember when I got my xbox I just left my Go-Kart exposed to the elements uncovered in the backyard. Several of my friends asked if the could have it since I was not using it anymore. I would tell them No before they even finished asking. One kid had his father come over to ask my Mom if she wanted to sell it. When I heard about this I went outside and made sure no one would ever be able to enjoy it. It had already turned into a rust bucket but to make sure I took a knife and cut the spark plug wire all the way at the engine so it would be hard to repair. I cut the throttle cable and even stomped my foot down on the gas tank that made a bad crack in it so it could not hold any gas.
When my mom asked me about the Go-kart I told her it was not working otherwise I would be using it. To many things had broke and she should just ask the Garbage man to take it. I remember looking out the window on the following garbage day. I saw the garbage man pushing it to the truck and my mom handing him a couple dollars. I also noticed Tyler playing basketball with the black kid who's father came down asking about the Go Kart. The black kid must of seen the Go-kart and started running towards my house Tyler a few strides behind. I remember getting really upset thinking they were going to get that Go-kart. In a quick motion the Garbage man slug the Go-kart into the back of the Garbage truck and pulled the handle to activate the crusher. The black kid and Tyler were yelling and running as fast as they could. The garbage man had on over the head ear plug/muffs to protect his ears from the noise of the machine. I was relieved when I saw the crusher come forward and squeezed inward. Just as the black kid ran up looking furious saying the Go-kart the Go-kart. The Garbage man removed the ear muffs from his head and waved his hands in the its all gone motion as he walked back into the cab of the truck. Tyler ran up with a look of promise on his face only to turn around. Walking side by side heads slung forward looking down at the ground. I remember feeling like I had won a battle. I had a great big smile on my face.

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  • Even more funnier how a black kid got let down!
    Get used to it son😅😅

  • Many people do things when they were young that they regret. Some try to atone by doing some good.

    Others don't tie their good work now to be a direct atonement for past selfishness. They just know that they have matured and that doing good is in general better.

    I hope you find it within yourself to be able to be bigger than what you are / were.

  • The guilt is never going to go away. I'm nearly seventy and I regret things I did when I was ten years old.

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