Pretty sure i hate being a mom

I adore my husband and i do love my children but i spend my days hating everything. I hate the person ive become since having children. My daughter (3) is a little b**** and whilst i love her, i certainly dont like her. My son (2) has a couple of issues and sometimes feel like hes the reason for my unhappiness. I think im a terrible mother. I spend most of days shouting at these brats. Theyre so bold and i cannot believe that i have "those" children. The ones that everyone hates to see coming. I wonder if theyd be better off without me.

Jun 25, 2016

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  • I feel you. Give these brats everything, and they just f*** your life up. Love them, but hate them. That's me too.

  • Well, before you ever get to the point of hurting them or yourself, get counseling....and talk to your spouse. Give yourself some credit, you have the courage to be honest, thats half the battle. There is always adoption. Feeling guilty? well, your feelings are your feelings.

  • Thanks for being honest. we r human beings. those are natural reactions.

  • It's good to see some supportive comments here. I mean, sure you made a bad choice by having kids, but there's no point in giving you a hard time about it now. After all, your daughter may be bagging my groceries one day, and your kid may be mopping my office floor in another 16-30 years, so it's better if they're well adjusted now. Find some supportive people, talk to the, and for goodness sake get over yourself and change your attitude, because it's repulsive. Make the most out of what you got. I'd rather not see junior trying to steal my car radio one day.

  • You are a b****.

  • At 2 and 3 they don't have the words to tell you what's going on just yet. So you do have to have lots of patience. But usually, if they are getting enough sleep tantrums should be at a minimum. Routine is essential for everyone. And it will help you too so you can find some "me" time. Definitely involve yourself in some mommy and me groups. Your 3 yr old could most likely be enrolled in day care for at least part of the day. But enlist help when you can afford to. Look into day cares or babysitters so you can get out of the house. Have a timeout chair and use it. Kids know when they are being manipulative. You never have to hit/spank. And you are the parents.. you guys set the boundaries and tone in your household. Your kids are a reflection of your household. If you are constantly yelling at them or if you and your husband argue in front of them, they pick up on this. It's chaotic for them and they will react. By yelling you are creating an outcome. They don't know how not to communicate without yelling, because that's what you're teaching them. Take deep breaths.

  • Make sure you still have date nights with hubby. Get a babysitter and go somewhere for the night.

    On several occasions we even stayed in a down town swish hotel. On our own. I breast fed with the occasional bottle top up till the kids were 4 so you will understand I was a true believer still am btw. But we managed by breast pumping for the midnight feeds and on several occasions when they were really little we had the baby sitter drive them in for a feed then she took them back and we realxed till checkout.

  • Here's my advice.
    First talk to hubby and make sure you guys are 100% united and in love and respect each other.
    Then get involved with some other moms. Someone who you can share with. Church or community. Ask around and try a few to see where you fit in.
    Then take control of the kids. At 2 & 3 it's all up to you.
    In our case we were super strict. We made it very clear what behaviour was and was not allowed. At 2 or 3 I'm not into spanking but you can ensure compliance by calmly and repeatadly ensuring that they never get their own way (if its the wrong way).
    But you have to feel good and secure first

  • You need to find a sense of humor quick, kids pick up on feelings - try to have some fun with them. I know it's hard, but please try!

  • You would sure as h*** be better of without them. But that's not exactly their fault, they didn't ask to be born. It sucks, but there are no good solutions.

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