Exetenstial crisis concerning my identity

I am in my 50s and at 2am I did an internet search and stumbled upon the truth about the great family secret.
I always knew my Father carried a great burden. I always knew he had been rejected by his own father and that this man who is my biological grandfather shirked his responsibility. I never knew how bad it was.
I found it and my heart bleeds. All participants are dead but their pain is still there.
It was a terrible personal disaster. My grandmother I knew was a partier in the 1920s and a very frivolous woman.
The people who truely paid were my Father, my Mother, their children and the children of their children.
It is said that the sins of the Father last 7 generations.
It's true.
If you are a young man or woman reading this do not cause one of these problems.
There is good effectuve birth control now. USE IT.
Use it until you have a secure relationship and are willing to take care of your children,
If you are not interested in supporting and caring for children make sure you do not have any.
If you have children you cannot or will not take care of you are evil. Yes EVIL.
Suck up and be responsible. When you have s** you are commiting an adult act even if you are a child. Once you produce a child if you continue to live a selfish life and not put that child first you are EVIL.
It's your choice. You can make things good or be EVIL.
Now here I am realizing that so much of who I was lead to believe I was one quarter of my identity is a lie. If there was no internet I would have never unearthed this. I was not even looking for my a******, evil badtard grandfather but i accidently uncovered the information with one click.
In the future you will all have your DNA profile public I am sure. Those of you who are careless with who you impregnate will be exposed so your offsprind and their descendants can curse you for eternity.
I am going to make sure my whole family goes to spit on my grandfather's grave.
I may have had my identity upended last night but I do know one thing.
I am a person of integrity and ethical standards.
So here is a big 'F*** YOU to my sack of chicken s*** irresponsible selfish socialpath grandfather. The badtard was only a tiny step away from being a rapist of a naive young woman. Shame on you. I hope you rot in H***.

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